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Our products

Product category: Toscana


The PERENZO label – Mauro Lovi describes the moment in which the idea of this label was born: “Agostino invited me to design this label confiding emotionally that the wine was to be dedicated. I instinctively thought of the colour blue, a blue bay, of a strong and blue sea, of a beach, of a mooring, of a bubble rising in the air, of a droplet, a teardrop which becomes larger and larger.” Agostino Lenci decided in fact to dedicate this wine to his father Enzo, to which the name “For Enzo”.

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Product category: Toscana


The HEBA label – Heba was the name given to Magliano in the Etruscan era. The links to this ancient civilization, still felt very strongly in this area, have been re-evoked by Mauro Lovi not only in the name of the wine but also for the design of the label which represents an ancient Etruscan head found during the excavation of the Pyrgi site. - See more at: http://www.fattoriadimagliano.it/toscana/en/heba/#sthash.Z15FXgsR.dpuf

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Product category: Toscana


The SINARRA label – the history of this area, the Maremma, and the narration of an ancient story is entrusted to this letter of the Etruscan alphabet. “A glass of Sinarra, looking out over the Orbetello lagoon and Mount Argentario in the distance, from the shade of trees, seals the name to the atmosphere created. - See more at: http://www.fattoriadimagliano.it/toscana/en/sinarra/#sthash.f8KEmwzY.dpuf

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About us

Company details

The Fattoria and all our vineyards are situated in a hilly countryside which from about a height of roughly 300m a.s.l. descends gently towards the coast opening on to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Monte Argentario and the Isle of Giglio.

The well balanced soil has a medium consistency containing as it does a large percentage of sand, a satisfactory amount of clay, an absence of lime and a decidedly rich skeleton. It is a territory which permits good ingress for watering, a perfect oxygenation and great penetrability of the roots of the plants. These are the characteristics, together with the amount of sun and sea breezes which allow the production of great wines, even from white grapes, having full bodies and capable of ageing well.

This precious soil structure, the exposition of the vines, the scarse rainfall, a very different climate from that of inland Tuscany help and encourage the biological side of the cultivation. From 2011 on the Fattoria has adopted an exclusive biological approach for its vineyards; this choice means that from 2014 all wines will have the “biological wine” certificate.

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