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Cognac Godet SAS

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34, Quai Louis Durand, 17000 La Rochelle

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac


Grande Champagne - 1er Cru AOC

On July 13th 1588, Henry de Navarre, the future King of France, arrived in the coastal city of La Rochelle to prepare for what turned out to be his most important battle. Six months later, the king sent a letter to Bonaventure Godet thanking him personally for the quality of the cognac he was given during his stay in La Rochelle.

Alcohol : 40%
Manufactured : Crystal decanter / 24 carats gold.

Tasting note : Extremely powerful nose, harmony and balance between fine tannins with a touch of alpine honey and figs. Due to its rarity, it is only available in limited quantities. This is truly a cognac for the connoisseur, bottled in a crystal decanter.

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac

VSOP Special

Alcohol : 40%

Tasting Note :
Mellow and slightly woody with a touch of hazelnut, stewed peaches and red fruit. It has a good complexity in the glass and a great persistence in the mouth.

Awards :
  • Best in class: International Wine & Spirits, Londres 2011
  • Gold Medal: International Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago 2009
  • Silver Medal: International Wine & Spirits, Londres 2009
  • Silver Medal: International Wine & Spirits, Londres 2005
  • Gold Medal: Poznan International Fair Ltd, Pologne 2000
  • Silver Medal: Intervins, Canada 1999
  • Gold Medal: World Selection, Brussels 1998

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac


Blend : Selection of old cask, from the Paradis’ cellar.
Alcohol : 40%

Tasting Note : 
Extra is made for connoisseurs. It is a sensual drink, with tastes of spices, softened by scents of dry flowers.

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac

XO Terre

This XO expresses impeccably the heart of a powerful and masculine cognac.
Its aromas are drawn from the depths of the grounds of the Cognac area

Alcohol : 40%.

Tasting Note:
Colour : Luminous golden colour with deep mahogany reflections. A blend of fresh, floral, fruity aromas that quickly give way to headier scents of cinnamon and spices. On the palate: marriage of lively sharp fruit flavours and complex notes of antique leather, oak and pepper.

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Product category: Armagnac / Cognac, Brandy


Fine Champagne AOC is granted to cognacs blended exclusively with Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the heart of cognac region.

In 1838, Augustin Godet, the 10th generation of the Godet family to make cognac, invented a new distillation process which enabled him to produce an ultra-dry cognac, ideally suited to aid digestion. This cognac is a perfect match for a sumptuous meal. An assemblage of Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne, the two grape varietals at the heart of all cognacs, Gastronome is a cognac that has a floral nose and a fruit-driven taste. The ageing process is begun in our 250 litre French oak barrels, then 400 litre ones. Its harmonious blending is carried out in our 100 year old 6000.

Blend : Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne. 
Alcohol : 40% 

Tasting note : This blend is a dry and light cognac with the smell of orange blossom, iris and violets and helps with the digestion

Awards :
  • Best in Class: International Wine & Spirits, London 2005
  • Bronze medal: International Wine & Spirits, London 2000
  • Recommendation: Exposition International, Philadelphia 1876

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About us

Company details

Godet, 462 years of adventure
Bonaventure GODET
1st Generation
Gédéon I GODET
2nd Generation
3rd Generation

4 th Generation
Jean Godet was raised to knighthood by Louis XIV. Knight, Counselor of the king, he was also appointed as a perpetual mayor of the town of Fontenais. His coat of arms was blazoned with “d’argent à trios godets de sables, pose en 2 et en 1, et une étoile de même, posé en abîme ».

Theodore GODET
5 th Generation

6 th Generation

Gédéon Louis GODET.
7 th Generation
Openness to the world
Gédéon-Louis GODET. He registered GODET as a trading company and was the first to use branded bottles. Being recognized as a sensible businessman and with extensive business connections across Europe, he was chosen to be the Vice-Commissioner of the Dutch navy and Office of Commerce.

Philippe GODET.
8th Generation

Augustin J. GODET.
9 th generation

Birth of a classic Gastronome
Augustin Godet is famous for having combined a sharp sense of innovation and heavy penchant for gastronomy. Looking for a way to temper the disastrous effects of his enormous and renowned suppers, he focused on a new Brandy distillation technique. The cognac “Gastronome” was born: dry and floral, aged for a minimum of fourteen years in oak barrels, this blend has since become the Godet’s signature cognac.

August J. GODET.
10 th Generation
Cognac Hivert
Growing-up surrounded by the love of Cognac. He married Louise HIVERT, the heiress of one of the main spirit trading houses in La Rochelle: HIVERT & PELLEVOISIN
The Great Depression
The first Phylloxera crisis hit France in 1863, originating from America. This crisis badly damaged almost all European vineyards. The consequences were particularly intense in the Aunis area, and unfortunately especially around La Rochelle, where all vines had to be uprooted. The vineyards were consequently moved down to the region surrounding the towns of Cognac, Jarnac and Ségonzac. The more susceptible “Folle Blanche” vines were replaced by the more robust ‘’Ugni Blanc’’.

Paul Godet.
11 th Generation
Two brothers.

The Phylloxera crisis presented the industry with many challenges and launched the production of Brandy into a new era. Two brothers, Paul and Louis GODET had control of the company at the time and while Paul ran the business from his property at Clavier, Louis took charge of the production located in the abbey of Grâce-Dieu.

Jean Godet.
12 th Generation
"The future has a history"
American Prohébition
Spotting a lucrative business opportunity when he saw one, Jean GODET moved to New-York whilst prohibition was at its heights and remarkably managed all of his business out of the Big Apple. Even in such strange, restricted times there was still an unquenchable market for Cognac. Jean GODET built warehouses in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, just behind the Canadian border Canada from where he would supply Cognac to famous Americans such as Schenlé and even Al Capone.

Jean Godet commissions his first yacht in La Rochelle.

Birth of Cognac AOC

Specific borders drawn-up of the production area around the town of Cognac, with six classified grape growing areas: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois, Bois Ordinaires.

Jacques Godet.
13 th Generation
"The future has a history"


Jacques GODET started to work for the Maison GODET whilst he was still a junior graduate from HEC.
Along with his father, he heard General De Gaulle’s call for resistance, on the 18th of June 1940. He joined the Resistance with the “Alliance” movement and became sector chief in the South-West of France until early 1944, before serving as a staff-officer for the movement in London.

Cognac GODET was sequestered by the German forces in April 1942 because of Jacques’ known resistance activities. However he managed to instruct his store manager to save the best bottles by burying them in the garden. Those bottles remained hidden throughout the war and the Maison GODET is still working on assemblages with those very rare, historic brandies.

Jacques Godet, was, like his father, obsessive about sailing. He acquired the yacht Rhapsodie and competed in yacht-races across Europe. He was renowned as a yachtsman and his wife, Brigitte would accompany him onboard acting as a mother-figure for the crew members such as the young Eric Tabarly (a famous French navigator and pioneer). Rhapsodie sank in the Caribbean, victim of a typhoon in 1967.

Jacques Godet bought a ketch and named her Rhapsodie II and kept on racing until 1980 with his son Jean-Jacques and Edouard d’Hemery. Rhapsodie II now lives between Brazil and Africa.

Jean Jacques GODET.
14 th generation
"Make room has Excellence"

The Maison GODET is sold for family reasons to the Gran Metropolitan Group (now Diajo) and hires Jean-Jacques GODET as CEO and coined the expression “Future Comes From Our History”. Creates the XO “Excellence” an assemblage of Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne cognacs that have all been aged for 25 years. This XO was chosen for Elizabeth II’s Jubillee celibrations.

Creation of the champagne Maxime GODET, Montagne de Verzy 1er cru.

Jean-Jacques Godet acquires Rhapsodie III, a Baltic, and has since raced it in the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. It is the first ever French boat to win the Giraglia Race.

Creation of “Epicure” (a blend of Folle Blanche vintages). Epicure is marvelous way to appreciate the original grapes used in Cognac. Folle Blanche is to our family what Brandy is for La Rochelle : the origin of a long adventure.

Jean-Jacques Godet buys back the Maison GODET from Gran Metropolitan group.

Château Haut-Laplagne & Ségla-Laplagne. The Maison GODET buys 10 hectares of vineyards in the appellation Puisseguin-Saint-Emilion.

PEARDISE An adaptation of a cocktail invented by Paul GODET for his beloved wife, Germaine, assembling young cognac and natural essences of pear. Peardise is usually drunk on ice.

Jean Edouard GODET
15 th Generation
Jean-Jacques Godet launches  an expedition to Antarctica, onboard the Golden Fleece. He, and the crew are the first to sail past the 300 km mark below the 70th parallel. The idea of a matured white cognac is born during that long and wintery expedition which lasted two and a half months.www.antarcticagodet.com

Cyril, last of the brothers, graduates from the INSEAD and joins the group responsible for developing the Russian market.

ANTARCTICA, First white cognac ever produced. This is the launching of a new generation of cognacs: crystal-clear, slightly woody, and served “on-ice”, the Maison Godet, once again, is innovating with passion and heart “Future Comes From Our History”

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