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ZGM - Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller GmbH Weinkellerei

Barlstr. 35, 56856 Zell (Mosel)

Telephone +49 6542 419-0
Fax +49 6542 419-150

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ProWein 2017 hall map (Hall 13): stand A02

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ProWein 2017 fairground map: Hall 13


Dominik Hübinger

Managing Director / Geschäftsführung
Sales, Marketing and Import Department / Vertrieb, Marketing und Weineinkauf

+49 6542 419-0


Gerald Wüst

Authorized Representative / Prokurist

+49 6542 419-0


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Company news




Mar 15, 2017

Current tasting results of our wines

Last year several wines from the home of ZGM were presented with awards: For example the Michel Schneider dry Riesling received the award “Best dry Riesling in Germany in the food retail trade” or our Peter & Peter Riesling feinherb from steep vineyard terraces which was awarded a bronze medal in the international contest “The Global Riesling Masters”.

With lots more distinctions in their pockets the ZGM team will shortly make their way to the ProWein 2017 in Düsseldorf, the world’s leading trade fair for wines and spirits.
These are some of our prize-winning wines:

Peter & Peter:
  • Pinot Noir dry QbA Pfalz: 2015 – awarded with the silver medal at the “Berlin Wein Trophy” and won a silver medal from the Chamber of Agriculture.
  • Riesling dry QbA Mosel: 2016 – awarded with a bronze medal by the Chamber of Agriculture
  • Riesling feinherb QbA Mosel: 2016 - awarded with a bronze medal by the Chamber of Agriculture
Michel Schneider:
  • Dornfelder dry QbA Pfalz: 2016 – awarded with a gold medal by Chamber of Agriculture
  • Pinot Noir Réserve dry QbA Pfalz: 2015 – awarded with the gold medal at the “Berlin Wein Trophy” and a bronze medal by the Chamber of Agriculture
  • Dornfelder medium-sweet QbA Pfalz: 2016 - awarded with a silver medal by Chamber of Agriculture
  • Riesling medium-sweet QbA Pfalz: 2016 - awarded with a bronze medal by Chamber of Agriculture
  • Gewürztraminer medium-sweet QbA Pfalz: 2016 - awarded with a bronze medal by Chamber of Agriculture
  • Spätburgunder dry QbA Pfalz: 2016 - awarded with a bronze medal by Chamber of Agriculture
Brandvlei Manor:
  • Coffee Pinotage W.O. Western Cape South Africa: 2016 – awarded with a gold medal at the “Berlin Wein Trophy"
Discover our world of wines and visit us during the ProWein in Düsseldorf from 19 – 21 March 2017 in Hall 13 / stand A02!

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Feb 7, 2017

ProWein – New ZGM Products (Hall 13/A02)

Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller (ZGM) Zell, is relaunching Michel Schneider at the ProWein 2017, and is complementing its wine selection with the “Johann Klauss” series from Rheinhessen and with the distinctively Italian style wine assortment “Pizza Pasta Vino di Altobello”.
As a surprise The Original Steak Wine is receiving a partner at the ProWein and for non-alcohol children’s party drinks the new “Super Hero” is being launched for all Superman and Batman fans.

Michel Schneider makes a Stronger Impact on the Consumer 
ZGM shows its clear focus on customers with the continuous advancement of the Michel Schneider brand. Exclusively at the ProWein a new feature will be introduced. An individually designed 33 cm Bordeaux bottle will now be used for all Michel Schneider wines. The two centimetres of extra height gives the bottle a more modern and more elegant appearance than its predecessor. Eye-catching details of the grape variety and the style give the consumers more orientation at the point of sale. The emblem embossing below the bottle neck is complemented by a second circular embossing around the bottom of the bottle. This highlights the founding of Michel Schneider in 1896 and associates with it the many years of experience in winemaking. An embossed lion’s head on the high-grade screw top underlines the brand and positively enhances the feel. Despite the more valuable design there will be no change in pricing (recommended retail price including VAT 3.99 – 4.49 €/0.75 L bottle).

ZGM is also putting more focus on consumers in its advertising. Michel Schneider is currently the only German wine series to be seen in notable TV commercials. From January to May TV commercials will be shown on ProSieben, Sat.1 und Kabel 1. The spots will run during prime time programmes such as  „Navy CIS: L. A.“, „Criminal Minds“, „Mein Lokal, Dein Lokal“ and „Rosin’s Restaurants“ and thus will reach a potential 100 million contacts. In addition, the brand is active on Facebook and can be viewed on its own Michel Schneider website.

In the white asparagus season from March to the end of April there will be a POS campaign in the food and beverage retailing trade.  On buying two bottles of Michel Schneider white wine consumers will receive an on-pack free gift containing an asparagus peeler with a high-quality Solingen steel blade.

Combining the Traditional with the Modern: Johann Klauss
Johann Klauss is the name of the new ZGM Rheinhessen wine series which is the counterpart to the famous Pfalz brands Michel Schneider and Lorch as well as the Peter & Peter Moselle wines. Johann Klauss kicked off with semi-dry Dornfelder, Silvaner and Riesling in February 2017. The high profile vintner design with its modern styling, high-grade relief varnish and hot foil embossing stands in distinct contrast to the traditional wine-growing region of Rheinhessen. (Available from February 2017; recommended retail price including VAT: 2.99 €/0.75 L bottle).

Italian Zest for Life with Pizza and Pasta
For the first time ZGM is offering its wine series „Pizza Pasta Vino di Altobello“  at the ProWein. The Italian cuisine with its pizza and pasta is very popular in this country and about 825 million frozen pizzas are sold annually in Germany (Source: Deutsches Tiefkühlinstitut e.V.) In Germany pasta is the second most loved side dish after potatoes. Germans eat more than eight kilogrammes of pasta per capita with an annual rising tendency.  (Source: Statista.com).
Wine experts have created a new Italian range called „Pizza Pasta Vino di Altobello“  which is especially tailored to this trend. The name gives potential buyers more orientation and provides an additional buying argument directly on the front label. Any uncertainty on the part of non-wine experts who may ask themselves which wine goes with which food is successfully overcome.
This uncomplicated wine accompaniment is ideal for convivial evenings with a partner, family or friends who like to enjoy pizzas and pasta together. Displaying the typical Italian colours of green, white and red and presented in a conical bottle with a natural cork closure these red and white wines in the assortment appeal to a large target group. ZGM offers elegant stand displays for sales presentation. (Available now; recommended retail price including VAT: 2.99 – 3.29 €/0.75 L bottle.

The Original – THE Surprise at the ProWein
As in previous years ZGM is presenting a new wine as a surprise at the ProWein. This much can be revealed: The Original Steak Wine which was launched successfully in 2016 will be getting a white wine partner.

Batman and Superman Popular with Young and Old
The American film and TV Company Warner Brothers Entertainment is launching its new film “Justice League” featuring both heroes Superman and Batman into German cinemas in November 2017. As of March ZGM can supply the accompanying non-alcohol party drink „Super Hero“. This bubbly drink with the fruity taste of apples, passion fruit and limes and has a fruit content of at least 84 per cent. The special feature is: It is made from fruit juices and is without added sugars. It is the perfect drink for children and all super hero fans - be it a birthday party, an Easter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration, an office or club party, or a kindergarten or school graduation party.
The non-alcoholic party drink is available in two different designs and in attractive and eye-catching displays containing 80 bottles. (Available from March 2017; recommended retail price including VAT: 2.99 €0.75 L bottle).


ZGM products are sold in the food and beverage retailing trade as well as in the hotel and catering industry.

Company Information Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller GmbH:
Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, short ZGM, based in Zell in the Moselle Valley is one of the leading wineries in Germany. The family business was founded in 1886 by Jacob Zimmermann. Today the company is managed in the fifth generation by his great-great grandchildren Dr. Tina Schiemann and Dominik Hübinger and by the managing directors, Hans-Josef Esch and Kristian Schiemann. Johannes Hübinger, who managed and developed the company for over 35 years has now take on a new position as Chairman of the Advisory Board. The success of ZGM is based on excellent wine quality which stands in the centre of our business.

Decades of experience in the production and sale of wine made the development and distribution of attractive wine labels such as Michel Schneider and Lorch possible. For the first-named label great success in sales has been achieved through media advertising. Over the past year ZGM has also widened its range by including children’s drinks thanks to the support of trade marks (Hello Kitty, StarWars, and Smurfs) and has thus been able to prove its high level performance in production and marketing. In the sector of Bag-in-Box ZGM is one of the market leaders in Germany and is seen as one of the most competitive suppliers in this segment.

The wide ZGM range of German, European and New World wines is available almost everywhere in the German food retail trade and on the shelves of numerous other countries. The company is a leader in its quality philosophy with all of its products. As one of the strongest export businesses in the German wine industry its wines are sold in over 35 countries of the world. Over 1000 selected winegrowers from the Rhineland-Palatinate supply the winery with grapes. Through the acquisition of the Lorch winery in 2009 ZGM now has its own grape-pressing station and its own bulk wine cellar in Bad Bergzabern.

ZGM currently employs 285 staff including 26 trainees and in 2015 with sales of over 100 million litres our turnover amounted to 168 million Euros.

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Jan 23, 2017

ZGM had the pleasure of receiving awards at the „The Global Riesling Masters 2016“

Riesling wines from around the world featuring different flavours and varying price groups are put to   a blind taste test by Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine. These are the conditions for „The Drinks Business Global Riesling Masters“. The best Riesling wines are awarded medals ranging from bronze to gold. The most exceptional samples are given the “Master” distinction.

The Peter & Peter Riesling Feinherb from the steep slopes of the Mosel was awarded a bronze medal due to its excellent balance and structure. Our Michel Schneider Riesling Dry Pfalz also gained a bronze medal by proving its good structure and attractive bouquet.

Further information available on: https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/awards/the-global-riesling-masters-2016/

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Sep 14, 2016

MUNDUS VINI 2016 - Summer Tasting

"Last week saw the end of a veritable tasting marathon in Neustadt, Germany, with 4300 wines from all over the world. The 150 jury members from 38 countries, who had travelled to the Palatinate in Germany for this year’s MUNDUS VINI Summer Tasting, presented the highest award, Grand Gold, 22 times, Gold 784 times and Silver 915 times to wines of very good to excellent quality.", it was quoted on the website of Meininger Verlag www.meininger.de/en.

Michel Schneider Riesling dry - vintage 2015 - from ZGM was awarded as "Best of Show Riesling dry Germany in retail".

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About us

Company details

Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, abbreviated to ZGM, in Zell/Mosel, is one of Germany’s leading wineries. The family company was founded in 1886 by Jacob Zimmermann. Today it is in the hands of his great-great-grandchildren, Dr Tina Schiemann and Dominik Hübinger from the fifth generation of the family, as well as the Managing Directors Hans-Josef Esch and Kristian Schiemann. Johannes Hübinger who, for more than 35 years, has been at the helm of the company’s destiny, has taken over the position of Chairman of the Advisory Board. ZGM’s success lies in extraordinary wine quality which is at the heart of the business.

The wide ZGM range of German, European and New World wines is available virtually everywhere in German food retailing and on the shelves of numerous other countries. With its range, the company is a leader in terms of its quality philosophy. As one of the strongest export companies in the German wine sector, its wines are sold in more than 35 countries. More than 1,000 selected winemakers from the Rhineland-Palatinate region supply the winery with its grapes. With the takeover of the Lorch winery in 2009, ZGM has its own wine-press facility and its own cask wine winery in Bad Bargzabern. 

With approximately 285 employees, of whom 26 are trainees, in 2015 with a total sales volume of approx. 100 million litres, the company made a turnover of approximately 168 million euros.

Virtually 45 percent of the total sales volume at ZGM originates from German wine-growing areas, primarily from the regions of Moselle, Palatinate and Rhine-Hesse. The range is supplemented by wines from other European countries and from overseas. The oenology process is undertaken by in-house staff who are in charge of both - wine procurement and ageing. Continuous control measures are adopted in accordance with strict quality directives throughout the entire company, in particular in the development and bottling of the wines. For increased quality assurance, contractual wine-growers are advised on cultivation. Production takes place in three locations: Zell-Barl, Kinheim and Bad Bergzabern, whereby in the latter, a company-owned wine-press facility is connected to the oldest producer cooperative in Palatinate, St. Paul. 

Further informations: http://www.zgm.de/en/

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100-199 Mio US $

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