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Product category: Rum

Rum Malecon

As it is with all fine things, the pursuit of perfection and class in well-made rum is something that must not be hurried and cannot be rushed. Like rare artwork, its value appreciates with time, maturity, and the utmost patience. Rum Malecon is the conceptualization of these ideals – the combination of one man’s pure vision (Marco Savio) and another’s innate skill (Francisco Fernandez), brought to life in the bottle.
When Marco Savio was a boy in Italy, he dreamed of leaving his native country to seek adventure and opportunity. His mind wandered with the excitement of travelling to find extraordinary treasures and showing them off to his friends back home.
As luck would have it, young Marco would later become a jet-setting spirits importer and exporter, traversing the globe to find the rarest, most exquisite libations and introducing them to the world. During one of his many trips to the Caribbean region, Marco fell in love with a stunning Cuban girl – and along with her, the island’s fantastic, world-class sugar cane rums.
While the brief romance never quite blossomed, Marco’s love for the rich, decadent spirit grew stronger by the day. Determined to find a distiller and blender capable of producing the most exquisite rums available, Marco sought out and met Francisco Fernandez – the legendary “Don Pancho” of Cuban rum-making lore, who had moved to Panama since several years. Francisco’s passion for rum and his pedigree as former master blender for Havana Club rum made him the ideal choice to craft the recipe for a new brand of Cuban-style rum from the finest barrels available.
Today, Rum Malecon celebrates the marriage of the perfection of Panamanian sugar cane with the knowledge and craftsmanship of a celebrated Cuban blender. Sweet, premium cane molasses is fermented and distilled with loving care, only to rest for decades in re-charred bourbon barrels. Only the finest casks are selected to be blended and crafted into what is Panama’s finest rum.
Rum Malecon – named for a legendary street in the heart of Havana, Cuba – is a rum for the curious spirit and the adventurer inside us all.

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Product category: Rum

Ron Malteco

Ron Malteco, a unique distillate produced in Panama, is the skillful outcome of Guatemalan Maestros Roneros’ ancient art, who have handed down the formula of a superb blend. Fresh cane juice and high quality yeast, distilled by column still, let ageing on the Panamanian hillsides and combined with the choice of the best bourbon barrels ensures a divine nectar. The legend tells that this was possible thanks to the blessing of the Quetzal bird with its more-than-a-meter-long feathers. Venerated by Pre-Columbian people and stylized in the Malteco logo, it was the inspiration for the myth of the feathered snake in the story of Quetzalcoatl god, who came from the sea to teach people.

The Quetzal is the colorful bird with more-than-a-meter-long feathers, that can be found in the Caribbean area and that plays an important role in Mesoamerican mythologies, who considered him as the symbol of goodness and light, symbolizing freedom and wealth, due to the Quetzals dying in captivity and the value of their feathers.
Ron Malteco’s logo is the stylized image of the Quetzal bird with more-than-a-meter-long feathers having been venerated by Pre-Columbian people from Prehistory on. If caged, it would die... for this reason it has become the symbol of freedom and wealth and the inspiration for the myth of the feathered snake in the story of Quetzalcoatl god.

The resplendent Quetzal was associated with the "snake god", Quetzalcoatl by Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations who identified him with the planet Venus, the rising morning star. He was regarded as the god of winds and rain and as the creator of the world and mankind. He was also considered the god of learning, science, agriculture, crafts and the arts. In fact, it was common belief that he came from the sea to teach people all the skills and knowledge to progress in the course of history. A magnanimous god, described as a man with pale skin and flowing beard. A symbolic character who has become alive through the graphic drawing sketched for Ron Malteco, one of the several treasures the feathered god has left to us before giving up to death and sailing on a raft full of snakes towards the enchanted land.

Which other symbol could suit more our Ron Malteco? When travelling in the Caribbean from Guatemala to Panama, Marco Savio, the Ron Malteco brand’s founder, was impressed by this little bird and all the legends around it, so he chose it as a lucky charm for this rum that reflects the ancient culture of Guatemala and the modernity of Panama’s heart. That is why the little bird has been used in a very modern, stylized and colorful way to represent Ron Malteco.

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Product category: Rum

Rum Malecon Selección Esplendida

The Malecon Seleccion Esplendida collection possesses delicate aromas and unique taste, which is well appreciated by the most experienced connoisseurs. This rum represents one of the most valuable “masterpieces”, a true treasure. After rigorous quality detection, only a few casks can match up the standards for brewing result in a small production of few thousand bottles, doomed to come to an end, like a rare birth. It would be the only opportunity for you to recommend it to your guests, once missed they will never find it again!

Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1976: Natural minimum ageing of 26 years. Mahogany colour with golden-amber highlights. Round and extremely elegant. It expresses itself at the nose with notes of spices, wood and tobacco. While at the palate, it is luscious, warm and balanced with flavor of caramel toffee, toasted coffee beans and appealing spicy finish. Limited availability for this exceptional millesimé!

Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1979: Natural minimum ageing of 29 years. Dark amber colour with slight golden highlights. Clean scent of caramel, spices and fruit. Notes of caramelized sugar lasting longer in the mouth to make room for scents of tropical and dried fruit, spices and leather, vanilla and smoky wood at the end. This is the result of an extended ageing process translating into a rum with great personality but mild, affable to the point of putting anyone at ease during consumption. Harmonic and balanced, smooth and elegant.

Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1982: Natural minimum ageing of 31 years. Mahogany colour with golden highlights verging on amber. Clean scent of caramel, spices and fruit. The aroma shows up sharp and alkoholate, while the caramel smooths the alcohol strength, making room for woody and buttery sensations. At a second taste, the senses will perceive extended spicy notes of toffee and caramel candies, licorice, tropical and dried fruit, vanilla and smoky wood…for a very smooth and captivating rum!

Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1985: Natural minimum ageing of 30 years. Amber colour with golden highlights. Notes of caramel, hot spices, citrus fruits and candied fruit, vanilla and chocolate for a well balanced rum overall. Also gently hot and smooth to the palate. Its opening sweet note is balanced by a slightly tannic, astringent note. Notes of vanilla and apricot, citrus fruits and banana make room for a long, persistent finish of tobacco and chocolate. Gentle and experiential but not difficult to be understood.

Malecon Seleccion Esplendida 1987: Natural minimum ageing of 29 years. Amber colour with golden highlights. Intense, slightly balsamic, warm, hot spices. High class body, tannic and slightly sweet, persistent with a pleasant bitter aftertaste in evolution on hot spicy notes, sandalwood and tobacco, licorice and chocolate. Dry and very well balanced for an authentic “gentleman” of a rum!

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Product category: Rum

Rum Malteco Seleccion

The collection Rum Malteco Seleccion is the quintessence of Ron Malteco spirit.
When Nature, or as the ancient Maya believed, Quetzalcoalt god made sure that in a single year the climate, the sugar cane and the yeasts had reached high quality levels, then you get distillates of a level equal to Rum Malteco Seleccion.
Rum Malteco Selección represents the spirit of the adventurer: a strong yet elegant selection of rums made with fresh cane juice and high quality yeast, distilled by column still. All this combined with the choice of the best bourbon barrels.
Rum Malteco Selección is everything anyone is looking for: freedom, adventure, balance and elegance.
Open the bottle and let yourself be carried away to those green, sunny landscapes where the plantations of sugar cane, cocoa, tobacco, coffee and citrus trees grow vigorous. Don’t you feel like a little bird flying high over this unspoiled nature?

Distilled in 1987 and bottled in 2015. Deep amber colour with golden highlights stolen from the Caribbean sun, rich and complex, elegantly woody and suavely smoky. To the nose, slightly spicy, with notes of candied fruit, sandalwood and leather, burnt caramel. Silky, with a taste of vanilla and chocolate, notes of toffee and red fruit jam, wet tobacco. Very round with a final taste of fruit and citrus, spicy and dried fruit aftertaste. Excellent tasting consistency and continuous evolution in the mouth.

Distilled in 1986 and bottled in 2016. Amber colour with copper highlights stolen from the Caribbean sun, intense aroma of vanilla, wood, caramel, walnuts, pepper, ripe fruit, leather, sweet biscuits being mixed together for a very luscious palate. Fresh with a slight acidity, well balanced with a good complexity, long and persistent final with a pleasant tannic note and a correct sweetness.

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Jan 24, 2017


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About us

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Savio, a serious, renowned Italian company established in 1958, is the owner of 2 rum brands with distinctive and outstanding personalities, i.e. Malteco and Malecon. Produced and let ageing in Panama, these rums are then brought to Italy where the company is based so to undergo the finishing process: bottling, design, packaging, quality control and delivery all around the world. Appreciated both by the public and by the professionals, they have been awarded several medals.

Malteco. Made from pure sugar cane juice and distilled in column still. Guatemalan recipe. Round and sweet taste. For those people who are approaching the world of rums. Different types of ageing: from 8 to 30 years.

Malecon. Made from molasses and distilled in column still. Cuban recipe. Dry and structured. Also appreciated by real connoisseurs. Different types of ageing: up to 31 years.

Our key points / Our strengths:
- Family-owned company
- Italian design and packaging
- High quality rums
- Original recipes from famous and experienced maestros roneros
- Awarded more than 30 Medals in 3 years
- Easy and fast logistics from Italy

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