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Craft Spirits (Same but Different)

Craft spirits & fine spirits - Handmade, regional and sustainable

Whether they’re classic or exotic – handmade, fine spirits are becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, there are no limits to the creativity: from fruity sweet creations like apple honeycomb brandy to reinterpretations made from tree resin agave spirit, there’s a suitable drop for every taste and occasion.

But what does the term craft spirits actually stand for? In general, it refers to handmade spirits that are
-          regionally rooted
-          sustainably produced
-          made from natural ingredients.

Craft spirits are produced by independent distilleries that rely on quality and craftsmanship. These distilleries put their heart and soul into every single product and use traditional methods, exclusive ingredients and often organic resources too. The result? A taste sensation that gets the taste buds jumping for joy.

Craft spirits are also an established feature at ProWein. More than 80 international manufacturers, producers and suppliers present a variety of fine and exclusive spirits for the restaurant and wholesale trade. The perfect opportunity to draw fresh inspiration and discover new flavours.

Craft spirits from all over the world

One of the exciting things about craft spirits is the huge variety. From aromatic gin varieties from Finland to handmade whiskies from Scotland and exotic rum varieties from Barbados: the world of fine spirits knows no bounds and can be found, unsurprisingly, in all its concentrated abundance and exclusivity once a year at ProWein.

New Zealand:
New Zealand’s distilleries are known worldwide for their high quality and innovation, as well as always bearing environmental protection and sustainability in mind. Some highlights from New Zealand’s craft spirits scene are Broken Shed vodka, Reid+Reid gin, Cardrona single malt whisky and Scapegrace gin.

The German distilling tradition stands out due to its many years of craftsmanship and the use of exquisite local ingredients. German producers often rely on traditional distilling methods and regional flavours and therefore offer a wide range of tastes from traditional clear schnapps to fruit brandies and modern interpretations.

France stands for fine spirits that represent the heritage and expertise of the French art of winemaking and distilling. French craft spirits include high-quality cognac, Armagnac, calvados, fruit brandies, and more recently also innovative products like French gin.

Swedish distilleries offer an impressive range of craft spirits that stand out due to their purity and unique character. Some Swedish producers also emphasise traditional craftsmanship and the use of local botanicals.

Great Britain and Ireland:
In Great Britain and Ireland there is a long tradition of the production of spirits and today’s craft distilleries continue this tradition with the courage to innovate. Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey, gin and craft beers are just some of the highlights from these countries of origin.

Poland is not just known for its vodka but also for a variety of other craft spirits that represent the country. In any case, Polish craft spirits, in particular vodka, are known worldwide for their first-class taste and purity.

Italy is famous for its wine and liqueur traditions. Craft distilleries are continuing this heritage by reinterpreting the culture of the Italian aperitivo. Well-known Italian craft spirits include grappa, limoncello, amaro and various liqueurs.

Fine spirits and craft spirits in the restaurant trade

Alcoholic drinks like wine and beer were already served at festive occasions in ancient cultures. Over time, local brandies and distillates continuously developed and expanded the culinary horizon. Today, fine spirits and craft spirits are a regular feature on menus all over the world, with a select choice of spirits often being just as important as the food.

Because of this importance, it is advisable to carefully select the origin and method of the spirits production to fit with the catering establishment’s needs before purchasing or ordering anything in the wholesale trade. Even the spirit producer’s production methods and values can play a crucial role for restaurants and hotels. It is therefore essential to choose the right spirits provider to present a coherent offer that meets the guests’ requirements and preferences.

Tastings or special events for craft spirits in bars or restaurants are another opportunity to familiarise guests with the world of exclusive spirits. Guests can try various high-proof drinks, exclusive craftsmanship and organic distillates here and find out more about their origin and the production of fine spirits. Requirement for the organiser: a broad understanding and knowledge about the history and character of craft spirits. In this respect, ProWein is the ideal event to get to know new spirits and gain more in-depth knowledge. The perfect meeting place for the spirits wholesale trade and the restaurant trade.

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