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ProWein – the name says it all. As with more than 4,600 exhibitors, the “Wine by regions” product category is the heart of ProWein. International winemakers, wine producers, wine suppliers and winegrowers gather every year in Düsseldorf for the big “reunion” and present their best wines from all corners of the globe. Whether it’s Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia or Oceania – at ProWein you can take a trip around the world and visit tasting areas that would otherwise have cost you a long-haul flight.

Given this diversity, we have divided our exhibition halls by geographical focal points to help you find your way around ProWein quickly. Each hall is dedicated to one or more countries, so you can quickly get to each region’s highlights without having to walk far.

European wine producers:
Germany, Italy, France and many more: European winemakers and wineries are the best represented category under our roof. Several halls are dedicated to the producing countries’ diverse terroirs and long winegrowing traditions. These include, for example, exciting things to learn and taste about the production of a French Bordeaux, the freshness of a German Riesling or the complexity of a Spanish Rioja.

African wine producers:
African wine producers have just as much to offer: South African wine distributors are particularly known for their full-bodied, fruity taste thanks to the influences of the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic. Visit the South African exhibitors and retailers at ProWein and pour Africa’s sun into your glass.

North American wine producers:
North America is known for its variety and the rich diversity of its wines. It is hardly surprising as the continent extends over almost 25 million km2, where winegrowing regions such as Napa Valley in California, Willamette Valley in Oregon or the Niagara peninsula in Ontario, Canada are at home.

South American wine producers:
South America is no less diverse by comparison. Wines from Argentina and Brazil are known for their tannin-rich and powerful aromas, while Chile impresses with fresh Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnay wines.

Asian wine producers:
A Japanese proverb says: “Sake is the best of all medicines.” A good incentive to taste the rice wine from the island nation in East Asia once again – for example, at ProWein! Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon, Koshu and many other specialities also await you.

Oceanian wine producers:
Winemakers from Australia and New Zealand are world famous for their high quality and innovation. Try a powerful, Australian Shiraz or a lively New Zealand Pinot Noir and get to know the multifaceted nature of New Zealand and Australian wines.

Other wines:
It would not be ProWein – THE WORLD’S NO. 1 International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits – if you could not also discover other exciting growing regions. They’re definitely worth a visit!

Wine for the restaurant trade

Good food and the right wine play a crucial role in the restaurant trade and contribute significantly to the overall dining experience. In restaurants and dining establishments around the world, the wine selection is often just as important as the food on the menu.

At upscale restaurants, the focus is on carefully selecting wines to pair perfectly with the dishes served. A finely balanced wine can accentuate a dish’s flavours and add an extra dimension to the enjoyment. In many restaurants a sommelier is available who has special training to recommend the perfect wine for every meal.

Even before purchasing or ordering from wholesale, it is very important to select the origin of wines and their production method carefully to meet the catering establishment’s specific requirements. Even the wine producer’s production methods and philosophy can play a crucial role for restaurants and hotels. It is therefore essential to choose the right wine supplier to present a range that is well thought out and meets the guests’ expectations and preferences.

Many restaurants and bars also offer wine tastings or special wine evenings where guests have the opportunity to try different wines and find out more about their origin and production processes.

To provide guests with information about winegrowing and the specific details of individual producers’ wine production it is crucial to be well informed about the various wine producers and growing regions. In this respect, ProWein is an ideal event, as it presents a wide range of wine producers from the international wine industry, which are organised by growing regions. Making it the perfect meeting place for the wine trade and the restaurant trade.

German wine producers

Although Germany is often known primarily for its beer tradition, it has a long and rich history of winegrowing dating back to Roman times. German wine producers cultivate an impressive variety of wines on more than 100,000 hectares of vineyards spanning 13 different winegrowing regions.

One remarkable feature of German wine is the predominance of white wine varieties. First and foremost comes Riesling, which is famous worldwide due to its high acidity and intense fruitiness. This white wine often reveals hints of green apple and citrus fruits. Depending on the terroir and the choice of winemaker, Riesling can vary from dry to sweet and aromatic.

In addition to Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner und Weißburgunder also play an important role in the production of German white wines. However, we can also see that more and more winemakers are extending their expertise to the production of red wine. In recent years, wine producers of the Spätburgunder grape variety, known in other parts of the world as Pinot Noir, have acquired an excellent reputation.

The German wine regions stretching from the Mosel in the west to Saxony in the east offer an impressive range of terroirs. The cool climatic conditions in many of these regions are superb for growing white grapes and lead to wines with high acidity and often a distinctive mineral character.

Germany is also know for the production of its special quality wines (Prädikat wines), in particular “Eiswein”. This speciality is produced from grapes that are harvested after freezing, which leads to concentrated sweet wines.

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