uniWines – Not just Special Treatment but Fairtrade.

As a value based entity, uniWines Vineyards believes in Fairtrade and the difference it can make in a community. The triple bottom line applies and besides financial profitability uniWines is also concerned about the people and environment.

Their Fairtrade brand, Palesa, was shaped to this belief and vision. It reflects the magnificent balance of qualities that characterise women: the softer virtues of compassion and empathy complimented by their stronger virtues of determination and will-power. Palesa embodies the richness and fullness of South Africa women, their unbreakable potential and their exceptional durability.

Palesa ChenBlanc and Palesa Pinotage

Palesa delivers exceptional Fairtrade quality, made without special treatment just fair winemaking techniques and extraordinary belief in the brand. Fairtrade seeks greater equity in international trade by:

• Ensuring better prices to small-scale farmers
• Providing a Fairtrade premium for community development projects
• Enforcing decent working conditions at farms
• Supporting sustainable production and protection of the environment

“Look for the Fairtrade brand and make a difference. It’s what transforms good wine into great wine.”

Uniwines Vineyards
Voorsorg Daschbosch Cellar
P.O. Box 174
6845 Rawsonville, South Africa

phone: +27 23 3491110