Wahnsinn UG von Freude: Fun with "Freude" on the road!

A free range brewery from Hamburg! As a startup craft brewing company, we aim to shake up the market by creating outstanding craft beer. This way we make beers with an inherent tangy explosion that only normally accompanies great wines. To achieve this, our hop varieties are grown and cropped around the globe. Dry hopping and special yeast strains lend uniqueness to our creations. In addition to our core range, we regularly brew limited edition craft beer for your (and to our) delight. Working closely with a Hamburg-based distillery, we draw the finest aromas out of Ale Primeur to condense them in our GLASKLAR beer spirit. Archetypally rich in fruity aromas, taste bud-tickling and extremely soft. VON FREUDE is Bottled Joy. Est. 2013.

Wahnsinn UG (haftungsbeschränkt) von Freude
Tarpenbekstr. 143
20251 Hamburg, Deutschland

phone: +49-176-57861771