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Berlin Wine School

About Berlin Wine School
Berlin Wine School is a wine and sake education company approved by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) to offer their qualifications.
The courses are run in the heart of Berlin. We welcome everyone who would like to learn about wine and sake.

About WSET
Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) was founded in 1969 to serve the growing educational needs of the UK wine and spirits industry. As recognition grew for WSET qualifications it gradually expanded access to qualifications abroad.
WSET qualifications are globally recognised as the international standard in wine and spirit knowledge. They are designed for those who are just starting out in their careers, as well as established professionals, and the many enthusiasts who have a passion for wines and spirits.

About SSA
The Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) is an independent organisation formed to develop the understanding, education, and appreciation of Japanese sake. Founded in 2006, it is the first and only UK-based organisation that is solely committed to sake education and promotion around the world.
The Sake Sommelier Association strives to advance the global appreciation and consumption of sake, as well as increase the opportunities for students to learn its rich cultural history.

Deutsche Wein- und Sommelierschule

The German Wine and Sommelier School, with its branch offices in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Würzburg, is the market leader in Germany in the professional training and continuing education of sommeliers in the on- and off-trade.
Since 2008 keen wine enthusiasts, those coming into the trade from other lines of business and those interested in establishing a new business in the wine trade have been able to attend the part-time continuing education courses known as the „Wine Expert“ programme. The professional training for sommeliers provides a very practical introduction to the world of wine.
Both novices out to learn about wine from the basics on, and professionals seeking to refresh and update their existing knowledge have turned to the school for the past 16 years, and made use of the comprehensive range of seminars and courses on offer, presented by well-known and respected expert lecturers.
The Koblenz Chamber of Commerce is the umbrella organisation running the German Wine and Sommelier School, guaranteeing serious, professional, non-partisan continuing education at the highest level, offering the only state-recognised examination in this field in Germany. - Die Infoseite des Deutschen Weininstituts - German Wine Academy. If you enjoy delicious wine and food, friendly people and beautiful landscapes, the German Wine Academy could be just the ticket for you. Since 1974, thousands of wine lovers have joined us for our six-day guided tours through German wine country. Simply book a flight to Frankfurt am Main, from where you are poised to join us for a delightful journey of discovery.
From crisp dry wines to lusciously sweet dessert wines, from hearty country cooking to gourmet fare * the program features a full array of wine and food. Our excursions to the vineyards and estates lining the scenic Rhine and Mosel rivers and their tributaries are a great way to expand your wine and food horizons. You will meet the owners of century-old estates as well as young and dynamic winemakers with new ideas and visions.

International Wine Institute - Fachschule für Sommeliers

The International Wine Institute (IWI) is a renowned institution providing wine seminars and continued education courses on a national and international level, and is specialized in the training of sommeliers.
IWI provides stimulating wine seminars as well as new, innovative continuous education opportunities for restaurants, hotels, the retail wine trade as well as for the wine industry. The flagship programs are the blended learning courses supported by Internet modules, leading to qualifications as „Commis Sommelier“ (IWI), „Certified Sommelier“ (IHK) and the „Wine Event Manager“ (IWI).
The International Wine Institute is a privately-owned educational institution recognized by the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz, and is also certified in terms of DIN ISO 9001:2008. Modern seminar facilities, practical tastings and a pool of excellent lecturers ensure wine seminars or part-time continuous education programmes are memorable occasions.

Mundus Vini - Internationale Weinakademie

The International Wine Academy, established by the Meininger Verlag, offers seminars for wine lovers as well as courses for experts as a professional basis for advising their customers on wine selections.


Jacques’ is an approved training and examination center for the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) in London. Both the “WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits” (entry level) and the “WSET Level 3 Award in Wines” (professional level) can be acquired.

The new wine-book, written by Laurentius Kollmann was released in spring 2008. The book is entitled "DegustationsKurs". It provides the vocabulary to describe the perceptions and also explains the meaning of the colour, the smell and the taste of wine.
The book divides between the quality and the class of wine.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) was founded in 1969 to provide high quality education and training in wines and spirits. Since then, WSET has grown into the foremost international body in the field of wines and spirits education, with a suite of sought-after qualifications.
In addition to courses and qualifications for those in the 'trade', we have an increasing number of 'consumers', or enthusiasts, who attend courses. They may attend a course because of a wish to gain a formal qualification or simply a desire to enhance their knowledge of the ever-increasing variety of wines and spirits being produced in the world today.
We work through a network of Approved Programme Providers around the world. These external Providers are rigorously checked to ensure that they deliver the high standard of teaching required to enable students to pass their WSET qualification.

WINE in Moderation

Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre is an international programme of the wine sector to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and to contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm.

The Programme builds on scientific evidence, education and self-regulation to organise and empower the entire international wine value chain, in raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption.

Support the international CSR movement by joining the Wine in Moderation programme.

Foto: Logo WOTVS / © Women of the Vine & Spirits

WINE in Moderation

Women of the Vine & Spirits is the world’s leading organization dedicated to empowering and advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry. Women of the Vine & Spirits is an organization for members to connect through our global and diverse network and collaborate across all industry sectors. Providing members with resources and opportunities to thrive is the cornerstone of our organization and success.

We offer steadfast support for women at every position in the field with membership benefits that include: education, training, mentorship, entrepreneurship and networking as well as tools, services and resources for personal and business development. Together, we are a committed community taking action and making a positive impact on the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide.