The Flying Winemaker: Flying Eddie!

Eddie McDougall is the Chinese/Australian winemaker behind THE URBAN PROJECT, Hong Kong’s only urban winery. By scouting fruit from around the world, freezing it at the source and maintaining atmospheric shipping conditions, he has managed to produce wine in the heart of his hometown, amidst the 9 million inhabitants of Hong Kong. He also has found time to produce and host TLC’s successful TV show: The Flying Winemaker.
The Flying Winemaker is also the name of his PR & Events company dedicated solely to wine. Headquartered in Asia, it produces content and promotes brands to consumers and trade channels like no other. Its projects include Rosé Revolution Asia, The Asian Wine Review and more. Talk to them today!

The Flying Winemaker
604-605 Yu Yuet Lai Building 43-55 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong, Central, China / Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong

phone: +852 2522 2187