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ProWine Shanghai 2022 postponed to 2023

In face of the sporadic and frequent cases of COVID-19 outbreaks, following Shanghai’s epidemic prevention policy, regulations on exhibitions’ epidemic prevention and control, and in order to effectively protect the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors and partners, and ensure better exhibition effect, it was prudently decided that ProWine Shanghai 2022 will be postponed to November, 2023.
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Message in a Bag-in-Box - It also works without glass: Bag-in-Box & other alternatives

ProWein 2023: Trendtext Message in a bag in box

Planet Wine is on the cusp of a packaging revolution. The idea that good wine comes in a glass bottle with a cork used to go without saying. Beginning in 2000 in the Clare Valley of South Australia, however, the use of screw caps rapidly became the norm for numerous categories of wine. Recent years saw the quiet introduction of light-glass bottles, often unnoticed by consumers.
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