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ProWein Premiere: the Concept Store Solutions specifically tailored to wine at the Point of Sale

How wine is displayed at the PoS is a decisive factor when it comes to sales – be it in specialist retail, food retail or at the corner kiosk. In addition to product information proper and practical tips it is also about being taken on a journey, emotionalising the shopper or optimizing retail processes.
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The world of agave: from Mezcal to Tequila

by Jürgen Deibel When it comes to spirits trends this year, there is no way around agave. Consumers’ growing interest in new and exotic flavours is clearly driving market growth in the segment of agave distillates. Craft Tequila and Mezcal are therefore a special centre of attraction at ProWein from 10 to 12 March 2024 – the world’s biggest and most relevant trade fair for wines and spirits.
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