Milestone Beverages HK Ltd

Blowfish Australian wine relaunches in Asia

Leading Hong Kong importer Milestone Beverages has announced plans to relaunch Blowfish Australian wine with an all-new design.

Blowfish is Milestone’s first-born brand, created by founder and managing director Joe Milner in homage to his part Australian heritage. Milner leveraged his extensive industry experience and network to develop a brand that would become the bedrock of Milestone.

With the aim of “Taking the seriousness out of wine”, the importer plans to rebrand Blowfish Australian Wines to feel more spontaneous and unconventional. Hoping to capture the true spirit of Australia – fun in the sun, relaxing with good company, good tunes and good waves – the new Blowfish wines will maintain their crowd pleasing varietals which already have a solid following in Asia, and inject new bold and more environmentally friendly packaging with a charitable mission.

The range will continue to offer four wines; Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Rosé, debuting new bright and bold characters on the packaging. The design is intended to evoke some of the fond personas Milner remembers from his time in Australia. Additionally, the new range is bottled in lighter and smaller bottles to reduce its carbon footprint, aside from existing recycled components.

Blowfish now supports Seamar Asia, a research organisation working to safeguard threatened marine mammals by conducting scientific research, providing expert advice and highlighting conservation action throughout Asia. Blowfish supports Dr Lindsay Porter and her team with the resources to drive their mission through awareness and sponsorship.

The rebranded bottles will launch in Hong Kong in July, with a month of exclusive activities at the Central Market, while simultaneously appearing through Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore.

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