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ProWein 2023: Trendtext Message in a bag in box


Planet Wine is on the cusp of a packaging revolution. The idea that good wine comes in a glass bottle with a cork used to go without saying. Beginning in 2000 in the Clare Valley of South Australia, however, the use of screw caps rapidly became the norm for numerous categories of wine. Recent years saw the quiet introduction of light-glass bottles, often unnoticed by consumers.
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ProWein 2022: Specialist Article No. 3


Once upon a time, the lines between the categories of alcoholic beverages were clearly defined and easily recognizable. Every producer had a lane to stay in, a particular audience to reach, and a clearly defined message to transmit.
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ProWein 2022: Specialist Article No. 2


It’s a 21st century truism that “change comes from within.” But the truth of the matter is that it usually only comes as a result of outside pressures. During prior decades vineyard replanting was typically driven by market forces and fashions, now those replantings are happening in response to a completely different outside pressure.
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ProWein 2022: Specialist Article No. 1


When Covid-19 reached North America and Europe en route to the world two years ago, things looked very bad for Planet Wine. Many insiders feared the global wine industry would tip into a crisis as deep as that during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Wine, however, has continued to demonstrate a remarkable flexibility and resilience...
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ProWein SA No. 3: Tiny Bubbles


France’s famous bubbles have for generations reaped the rewards of their reputation as the elite top tier of the global sparkling wine hierarchy. With sparkling wines representing the fastest growing wine category of the last 25 years, they, and to a lesser extent their traditional method cohorts like Cava (Spain), Franciacorta Spumante (Italy) and Winzersekt (Germany)...
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ProWein SA No. 2:
Climate Change: Taste the Burn


You might think that the reality of climate change wouldn’t be news for the global wine industry, but in many countries around Planet Wine the last years saw extreme weather events that brought a new sense of urgency to winemakers’ struggle with the effects of warming climates.
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