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Bella Italia in Düsseldorf – always worth a trip


Hardly any wine country holds as much appeal as Italy. Join me on a journey through this wonderful country with its over 500 indigenous grape varieties.
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Bonjour & Hello!


A taste of our great offer in general, but focus especially on the portfolio of my exhibitors. Today France and Germany raise a glass: "Cheers - À votre santé!"
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Toni Askitis on a visit


The making of: „urban gastronomy by #asktoni & ProWein“
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La deutsche vita


Italian flair by the hall: Our exhibitors from Italy have missed ProWein very much during the last two years and are now looking forward to coming back to us in Düsseldorf even more.
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Your Wine World Tour


Nice to see you. ¡Me alegro de verte! Prazer em vê-lo! Content de vous voir ! – or: Schön, Sie zu sehen! Just a few of the many languages that will be spoken when we meet again in Düsseldorf in May 2022.
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ProWein on tour

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Japanese Sake


Sake is made from rice. In Japan, sake has been consumed since ancient times. It was not exactly the same sake as what we have these days. The technique has advanced over time to the present day. This history of sake goes back about 2,000 years.
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The Giant is Wide Awake - Argentina


Argentina is one of the world’s five top wine producers. For a long time though the Argentinians consumed most of their own wine. The domestic market was and is extremely thirsty. The country indeed has one of the highest per capita consumption. Amidst large volumes of everyday wines there are outstanding fine pours, some of which have not yet travelled anywhere else in the world.
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Wine in glass bottles – a no-brainer?


Glass bottles are still the default packaging for wine. Made from silica and with no potential to cause permanent environmental damage, they are considered to be the ideal material. But is this really cut and dried? Consumers and environmentalists increasingly want more flexible solutions. Other containers have their advantages too.
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Gascony – an unknown treasure deep in the south-west


Armagnac is France’s oldest and most traditional brand, the dashing d'Artagnan one of the most influential figures in French literature. And foie gras is officially part of the nation’s gastronomic heritage. Nevertheless, Gascony is hardly known internationally. The region has quite different attractions for the wine industry.
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