A & D Wines Lda.

Why sustainability and biodiversity is the key to quality winemaking

sustainability and biodiversity

A&D WINES is an estate winery with certification in integrated production by SATIVA since its early inception.

To focus on sustainable farming practices and to respect the biodiversity which is present in the land is extremely important.

It's within these guidelines that we can ensure a quality product is crafted from responsible farming practices that grants sustainability of the environment and favors the fauna. Two reasons show the importance of sustainability:

1. Ensuring the future

Acting with sustainability in mind ensures the quality of the soil and vineyards. This way future vintages will be of equal quality and will not suffer from short term thinking. The terroir is our partner in winemaking.

2. A wine that truly represents the land

Plenty can be done in the cellar. But exceptional wines cannot be reproduced because they mirror the terroir from which the grapes are sourced. Terroir is unique and a wine mimics those properties with great sincerity.


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