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Why minimal intervention is critical!

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All the work in the vineyards is nothing if we intervene too much in the cellar. Allowing for the wines to speak for themselves is paramount and if the work is done correctly beforehand then there will be no need to follow intrusive techniques. That is our philosophy and at A&D WINES the focus on a natural, untouched, vinification is important. This means every year there is a concern with crafting wines with the least amount of intervention possible in order to best express the terroir and culture of our region.

All three wines - Casa do Arrabalde, Espinhosos and LIV - are produced according to this philosophy that year after year is maintained to ensure that quality and individuality is present.

These wines are the result of a consistent care during both farming and vinification so the end result are terroir driven wines whose complexity and aromatic characteristics speak for themselves.

Meet with us at Hall 10 - Stand D02-98 if you wish to learn more about the estates and wines

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