Azienda Agricola Le Regge di Barbara Ferruzzi

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The estate Le Regge stands on top of a hill less than 1 km from the center of Greve supported by the excellent position at a short distance between Firenze and Siena .Here the combination between landscape agriculture, architecture and culture has strong roots. The villas, cypress and olive trees, vineyards and woods create a picture of rare beauty .The region we are talking about is the original area of production of Chianti, whose boundaries were marked of already in 1716 by Cosimo dei Medici, enclosing the area of Gaiole ,Castellina, Radda and Greve in Chianti. Chianti Classico is one of the most important fine wine making regions of Italy. The combination of height ,calcar clayschist soil, lots of light and a good micro-climate, warm and dry with a marked difference in day and night time temperature ,makes these lands naturally vocated for the production of wine and oil.

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