WelnerWines International Kosher Wine Producers


WelnerWines is a family company that specializes in producing wines worldwide.
The company was established in 1990 by Shimshon Welner, the founder of the Yarden winery - the winery that is known for creating the "wine revolution" in Israel and in the kosher wine market worldwide.

We produce our wines in 11 wineries and sell them in 24 countries including the US.
We produce a wide range of excellent wines starting from a retail price of 3.99 dollars up to 25 dollars. We also sell our wines to leading supermarket chains in the US, & Europe.

Our wines have a unique combination of 3 advantages:

1. Best value for money - some of our wines have been rated by wine critics & Wine Enthusiast magazine as BEST BUY.

2. Wines that are suitable for vegans and gelatin free– our wines are the perfect wines for vegans & vegetarians, as contrary to other producers, we don't add ingredients deriving from animals to them.

3. Kosher wines – all our wines are certificated as kosher by the OU & London Beith Din.

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