Tenuta Villa Trasqua S.r.l.

Villa Trasqua becomes organic!

Villa Trasqua goes organic!!

Organic farming
Villa Trasqua started the four-year conversion to the organic system of viticulture in 2012, and currently produces certified organic grapes; all the wines from the 2016 vintage onwards will be certified organic wines.

Villa Trasqua chose to embrace the ecological, organic farming system because to be organic signifies safeguarding the local environment and culture, and being responsible custodians of the territory without contaminating or polluting its soils and water table. The healthy environment of the Trasqua plain - devoid of any source of pollution – provides the ideal conditions to operate without chemical substances that are damaging to the health of the vines, the surrounding nature and the men that live and work there.

“Organic grape-growing helps to maintain and enhance the balance and harmony of the ecosystems and to appraise local traditions, in line with the genuine produce that we consume. Our strength derives from the vineyard, from which we yield the healthy and aromatic grapes from which we make our full-bodied, intense wines.” Armand Metalla, winegrower


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