Weingut Tesch

UERIGE - What's Glass Got to Do With It?

2016 Monday, March 14 12:00 pm Hall 13 Stand – F 120 Tesch

UERIGE - What's Glass Got to Do With It?

UERIGE - every Prowein visitor is intimately familiar with the beloved brewery in the heart of Düsseldorfer's Old City. Enjoyed out of traditional Altbier glasses, its bitter Altbier and house specialties "Sticke" and "Doppelsticke" are artisanal masterpieces in demand around the world.

But those glasses are mighty hard to come by in Oslo, New York, Tokyo and Walachia. So what alternatives do the best job of conveying the distinctive character of this dark, top-fermented beer?

Working with a selection of ZWIESEL glasses, Billy Wagner (sommelier at Nobelhart & Schmutzig, Berlin) and Sebastian Bordthäuser (sommelier-at-large and wine writer) will debate live and in color as to which alternative Altbeer glass offers the finest experience.

Warning: For the purposes of this event, snacks will replace spittoons! Drinking is required.

Due to limited seating – invitation only. Registration is required (info@weingut-tesch.de).

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