Champagne Devaux

The new Collection D de Devaux

Champagne Devaux makes a commitment with its customers by signing a Collection D reinterpreted.

From now on, the bottles of the famous collection show proudly their specificities; a reinsurance for the Champagne amateurs in a context where the brand awareness – or the price are usually the only points of reference.

A strong commitment

Because the House of Devaux considers the maturation time one of the essential components of its search of excellence, she makes from now on a commitment to communicate the time of the full process of elaboration of its wines on every bottle of the « Collection D ».

But the unique style of the Collection D is not only due to its long maturation time, it takes its secret from a combination of inviolable principles which guide the creation of the “Collection D” blends. Four of this principles are now indicated on the back label:

the vineyard selection,

the exclusive use of first pressing juices (the cuvée),

the combination of wines from minimum 4 different vintages among which 3 are aged in lark oak casts*,

a total time of elaboration and maturation three times over the minimum requirement in Champagne.

Except for the « D Millésimé » (vintage Champagne)

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