Weingut Rinke

The Vineyard Rinke

The perfect place to make wine
In 2006 we acquired a contiguous plot of approximately 3 ha on the Upper Moselle immediately before the German-Luxemburg border at Langsur.
This unique terraced landscape is known as the Langsurer Brüderberg: geologically rich in limestone soil making it perfect for the production of great burgundy wines. The original tiny single plots, overgrown or planted with elbling, had to be completely cleared before planting most of the area with slow growing french chardonnay clones, the rest being made up of Pinot Blanc, Grauburgunder, Traminer, Muskateller and Viognier
The extreme gradients in this part of the upper Moselle make cultivation very challenging, requiring a great deal of patience and manual labour.
Just a single wine is developed from our grapes (ca. 90 % Chardonnay, 10% other burgundy whites as a so-called „field blend“ ). the Langsurer Brüderberg Terrassen. The wine is matured in small, pre-used Barrique barrels (bottled in September). From the 2014 vintage on we will bottle a second wine, (likewise a „field blend“ mainly of Chardonnay): the Langsurer Brüderberg Muschelkalk. The aging of this wine takes place in large wooden barrels (bottled in spring). Our recently planted "Pinot Noir" vines will yield in a few years at the earliest.
The first vintages have all been very positively reviewed by wine experts and relevant press alike.

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