The Single Block Centre of Excellence

The Single Block Centre of Excellence – L’Avenir Launches a Cutting-Edge Conferencing Centre in the Winelands

With an eye on the future, as always, L’Avenir have a created a facility with uninterrupted panoramic views dedicated to inspiring innovative & expansive thinking.
The facility has been constructed as the lynchpin of AdVini’s strategic focus on Africa which centres on excellence & specialization. The intention of the facility is to encourage innovation, collaboration, education & interaction not only within the growing business community in the local winelands, but also increasing international commerce taking place on African soil. It is a physical representation of the culture of development, refinement and individual expansion on which AdVini has built its foundations. Whilst the concept, design & construction of the facility itself make use of raw materials like steel & wood, all crafted into a finished product by hand on-site; the technology within meets the needs of any business, both local & abroad.

The same hands that cultivate the vineyards for our flagship Single Block wines have crafted this venue with the same precision & passion applied in the vineyards. Nuanced reflections of the Single Block, and the philosophy it embodies, have been integrated into the new venue – from the angles of the structure & the decking mirroring the aerial view of Block 2; to each varietal of grape trailing up the pillars; to the water, which is the lifeblood of our vines flowing through the facility, as a gentle reminder of the constant evolution taking place around us. This culminates in an artwork entitled “The Harvest” which celebrates harvest, with one foot planted firmly in the traditions of French winemaking heritage and the other firmly planted in South African soil.


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