The Maison Boinaud honoured for their “Savoir-Faire”

Each year the Concours Général Agricole (General Agricultural Show) awards Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to local products of outstanding quality.

Producers who are presented with a medal for three consecutive years are rewarded with the “Excellence Award” highlighting the consistent quality of their performance thanks to the savoir-faire of the men and women who each day bring their expertise to the products they have developed.

This year the Maison Boinaud had the honour of being distinguished by the 2016 ”Eaux-de-Vie” Excellence Award for the medals received in the previous General Agricultural Shows in which it participated with the De Luze and J.Dupont Cognacs owned by the Boinaud family.

The Maison Boinaud, a family business which has been producing “eaux-de-vie” at Angeac-Champagne for several generations, and whose high quality products are regularly recognized worldwide, are very proud to have received the Excellence Award, which was presented in Paris to Charles Boinaud by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry, Stephane Le Foll.

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