“We love using Coravin at Planet of the Grapes. Not only does it allow us to offer a large selection of fine wines by the glass, but more importantly we find our customers are being more adventurous with their wine choices, often keen to try something new or unfamiliar. Given its ease of use and the versatility Coravin brings to tasting wine, we couldn’t imagine ‘wine life’ without it!”
Ali Mountjoy,
Manager, Planet of the Grapes

“Coravin has been revolutionary and will hopefully continue to impress the professionals as well as private customers worldwide in the years to come”
Xavier Rousset MS,
Director / Co-Founder – 28:50 Wine Workshop & Kitchen/Texture

"At The Remedy Wine Bar & Restaurant we believe in making wine fun and accessible to everyone, and with the Coravin, this has really become reality! The Coravin wine preservation system has changed the way we think about and serve wine. With Coravin there is no limit one what we can serve by-the-glass (1950 Rioja Grand Reserva for instance!). No longer are we concerned with “wasting” any wine, since we know the wine in the bottle is still resting happily as if it had never been opened, or accessed. We have also begun to offer our entire Cellar List of fine & rare wines, already priced at very low mark-ups, by the half bottle, giving our customers yet another way to experience even more world-class wines in a relaxed and fun way.”
David Clawson,
Director, The Remedy

"Coravin has added a sense of adventure to my customers’ wine drinking options. Customers are exploring not just fine wines by the glass, but new wine regions, too. And if she drinks white and he drinks red, both can play around with the list.
It’s also added fun, especially when my sommelier takes customers on a Coravin tour of our Grade II listed Medieval wine cellar at our City Bistro, The Sign of The Don.”
Robert Wilson,
Proprietor, Bleeding Heart Restaurants

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