Weingut Tesch

Sweet Wine and Oysters???

Tuesday, March 17

10:00 a.m.

TESCH-Stand Halle 13 / F110


Sweet Wine and Oysters???

To date, the Tesch team has dutifully followed the conventional pairing of oysters and dry white wine. We have matched them with everything from classic Champagne and white Bordeaux to Muscadet and a mature Riesling. We've even had good experiences with beer. But sweet wine?

Our friends at BOSFOOD have thrown out the rulebook, and swear by sweet wine with oysters. These experts from Meerbusch are convinced that this is the best pairing. And they of all people should know.

Let no one say we weren't willing to try. Together with internationally renowned oyster farmers Gillardeau, we invite you to put tradition aside and join us for an oyster breakfast like no other.

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