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Sakura Japan Womens Wine Award at "Taste of Japan"

Japan’s Women’s Power at the ProWein: Japans – Premiere of the “Sakura Women’s Wine Award” under the Patronage of the Japanese Consulate General in Duesseldorf

Japan hat been represented at the ProWein with a stand „Taste of Japan“ (organized by Messe Düsseldorf Japan) since 2011, and has always presented some astonishing novelties. This year, the attraction is Japan’s prestigious “Sakura Women’s Wine Award“. This award, created by the renowned wine journalist and author Yumi TANABE, is not only the most international wine award in Japan: it’s major characteristic is the orientation towards women. First and foremost, the jury of the award consists only of women. This way, it is made sure that the wines are suited for women’s taste and palate. But his is not all: Since this is a Japanese competition, the jurors also elect the best wines produced by female winemakers, or those one that match – from an women’s perspective –with Japanese gastronomic specialities like Sushi or Tempura, now being recognized as world cultural heritage.

Under the partronage of the Japanese Consul General in Duesseldorf, Mr. Kaoru Shimazaki, winners of this year’s award are presented by Yumi Tanabe and her team. In order to show how well these award-winning wines go with Japanese food, a tasting – combined with Sushi and other Japanese delicacies – is being held on March 15th and 16th at the “Taste of Japan” Stand (H. 12 / E 109). To reserve your place, please register at http://www.sakuraaward.com/en/press/prowein/.

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