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Press Release March 2015


F.W. Langguth Erben with International Focus

German wine company Langguth Erben is set to make a splash to the international wine world of ProWein 2015 with the launch of new product designs for the internationally acclaimed wine brand BLUE NUN.
Constant product and brand innovation are an important part of the Langguth ethos. Snapping up the world famous BLUE NUN brand from H. Sichel Söhne in 1996, Langguth Erben has been working on repositioning the brand in the market through recent years and has gone to great lengths to improve the quality of the brand through its winemaking techniques, quality of grapes and a powerful rebranding campaign, which introduced several new additions under the Blue Nun name. “Last year we have not only launched a new embossed bottle design in line with a new product design concept, but also setting our focus on Riesling. “BLUE NUN is a very famous German wine brand and what is the most known grape variety from Germany?” asks Patrick Langguth “Riesling! Langguth has been making Riesling wine for more than 225 years, we are the Riesling specialist!”
F.W. Langguth Erben have also launched 22K BLUE NUN Gold Edition, a sparkling wine containing flakes of 22-carat gold designed to appeal to young female consumers and festive moments, while also introduced a range of 5.5% abv low-alcohol wines to its portfolio under the BLUE NUN Delicate name.
While keeping in tune with the Zeitgeist, F.W. Langguth Erben roots run deep. The company was founded during the French revolution in 1789 by Franz Wilhelm Langguth and started life as a wine merchant in Traben-Trarbach, a small town in the Mosel Valley. With growing ambitions, the company soon expanded from simply selling wine, to making it. From humble beginnings, Langguth Erben has grown to become one of the largest wine producers in Europe with annual sales of over 50 million bottles and an annual turnover of around €108m.
Through continued investment – Langguth has just invested millions of Euros in the most advanced bottling technology available - the company has maintained its position in the wine market for more than 200 years with its wines now on sale in 100 countries. Each year, over 40 million litres of wine are turned out at its Traben-Trarbach headquarters, with the Langguth international range including brands such as ERBEN, MEDINET, BLUE NUN, WurzelPeter and Villa W. In addition to Germany, the Langguth family also has interests in several of the world’s major wine regions, working with local growers in Italy, Spain and South Africa on brands such as Kaya in Paarl, Mario Ferrini in Sicily and El Cortez in La Mancha.
Over the past five decades, Langguth’s flagship ERBEN brand has grown to become one of Germany's most successful wine labels, selling over 330 million bottles and achieving increasing international success in key export markets. The international

Erben range’s top seller is the Spätlese and followed by the four-strong exclusive series, which includes a barrel-aged Dornfelder, Riesling Reserve, Huxelrebe Auslese and Pinot Noir Reserve. For the brand’s 50th year birthday, Langguth has introduced a new embossed bottle design. “It is important that the tradition of our brands continues, but always with the focus on keeping the brands up-to-date for today’s consumers. To me, this will be driven by our environmentally-friendly development of a sustainable brand identity along with our international focus.” explains Patrick Langguth.
In 1990, Langguth Erben branched out into spirits after taking over East German spirits firm Berliner Bären Siegel, makers of bitter herbal liqueur WurzelPeter – a blend of roots and herbs originally created by Berlin pharmacist Paul Pöschke in 1875. With a complete international brand overhaul in product design – e.g. fluorescent label – and a digital marketing strategy with the message “Discover the SECRET!”, WurzelPeter nowadays is a cool and modern drink from Berlin with retro chic for young consumers, who enjoy company, fun and good times.

Since Patrick Langguth has taken over the responsibility of the international Langguth business two years ago, the company has focused more and more on brand innovation and client service support. “And we are just getting started!” Patrick states with a twinkle.

About Langguth Erben

The history of the privately owned winery, F.W. Langguth Erben GmbH & Co KG, dates back to 1789. Founded by Franz Wilhelm Langguth, the company is now in the eighth generation of family ownership. As a medium-sized group of companies based in Traben-Trarbach on the Mosel and in Berlin, it is one of the best-known German wine marketers. Through its own vineyards, the company has a strong presence in Europe’s main wine-growing regions. The well-established wine portfolio includes the brands: Erben Wine, Medinet, Angel Reef, Toscanell, Ferrini, El Cortez, Sontino, Edler von Mornag, Langguth Himmlisches Tröpfchen and the South African brand Kaya. The acquisition of companies in related industries has led to an expansion of activities, with the development of spirits brands handled by the Berlin-based subsidiary, Berliner BärenSiegel GmbH, which is famous for the brands WurzelPeter, Goldkrone and Thienelt Echte Kroatzbeere. Also part of the Langguth group are Exportkellerei H. Sichel Söhne (e.g. Blue Nun) and the Gutsverwaltung Stiftungsweingut (foundation estates) with Villa W.’s fine Riesling wines.

For more information visit www.langguthworld.com

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