Tenuta Polvaro S.A.S. (Estate Winery)

POLVARO TENUTA - The Candoni De Zan Family Encapsulates The Italian Art Of Living

La dolce vita—we often talk about it, but few of us really live it. On this point, we could all take a few cues from the Candoni De Zan family, whose dynamism and optimism infuse their daily lives and their enthusiastic approach to their wine business.

Winemaking runs its roots here back to the late 1800s, carried down by both sides of the family, and manifests itself as a deep love of wine in husband-and-wife team Armando and Elviana Candoni De Zan. With such deep ties to the land and fruit, it is no surprise that Armando and Elviana integrated their daughters Barbara and Caterina into their business from the start, allowing for the two generations to work side by side to perpetuate the brand.

They have always kept their hands busy with everything from grape-growing to bottle sales.

Their historic Tenuta Polvaro is situated in the Lison-Pramaggiore DOCG, in the eastern Veneto region. Wines from this stunning property, founded in 1681, once filled the goblets of the Doges of Venice. If you visit the property today, the De Zans will give you a personalized tour of their museum-esque gem.

From their stronghold at the Tenuta Polvaro winery estate, the Candoni De Zan family produces a portfolio of wines that represent the viticultural and geological diversity of Italy, emphasizing native varieties that speak not only to their desire to create honest wines at accessible prices, but also to their desire to make wines that are a tribute to the art and history of their respective famiies.

With an eye to their stewardship of the land and desire to contribute to the wellbeing of society, Candoni produces a line of organic wines that are also certified vegan and gluten-free, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to replanting national forests. The winery at Tenuta Polvaro uses CO2-powered fermenters to improve the atmosphere’s health, and their Elviana line of wines supports advancements in women’s health and promotes breast cancer awareness.

In all that they do, the Candoni De Zan family entwines its passions for the earth, art, history and homeland into a dazzling selection of wines, ready to delight and inspire.

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