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Small Pettycoats

Véronique GÜNTHER CHEREAU launches the following wine this year:


The Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie in vinified traditionally. Made of vines 45 years old with a limited yield of 50hl/ha. The wine is fresh, mineral really fruity. Its name refers to the fact that it has been vinified par two ladies of the family: Véronique and Aurore Günther-Chéreau, mother and daughter. It is well paired with shellfishes, fishes and sushis and is wonderful for aperitif.


The name of this wine is due to its grape variety: Folle blanche (“crazy white”). Vinified on the lees, this wine is made of 50 years old grapes with a limited yield of 50 hl/ha.

The wine is mineral and fresh, it is well paired with shellfishes, fishes and sushis.


This wine is made of 100% Melon de Bourgogne, it has undergone a malolactic fermentation to explore new aromas. Nevertheless, this wine keeps its freshness and its minerality, but it is round and nicely fruity. It is perfect for aperitif, and all charcuterie.

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