Les Vignerons de Buzet


Vignerons de Buzet are lauching their New Ultra Premium Wine called « ONIRIC »

ONIRIC, a wine to dream

Vignerons de Buzet are proud to unveil this new figure which combines the latest technological progress with the best in natural practice.

Taken from the adjective “oneiric” (relating to dream), ONIRIC is a wonderful adventure, a dream come true thanks to experience and first-class technical skills.

These real ethics have inspired a legend telling the tale of a man an his hot-air balloon. A powerful symbol of our determination to go further and higher to find what is rare and exceptional to offer pleasure, sensation and emotion.


Once upon a time, a winegrower dreamt of a wonderful terroir with rich grapes full of flavour to make the most perfect of wines.

He looked for one, but from his height all the terroirs looked alike.

So he decided he needed to be higher.

A few hours before nightfall, the man of the land took to the air. The friendly winds carried him to the soils of excellence.

“This is where I will plant my vines and here I will bear the wine of my dreams.”

And that is what he did. Born of a dream, ONIRIC became a reality, a rare wine, subtle, rich in all that nature’s bounty could offer.

AOC : Buzet

Grape varieties : Cabernet Sauvignon

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