Francois Lurton S.A.

New presentation packaging in Chile!

Hacienda Araucano is a range of wines that reflect a specific terroir, culture, and soul…
François and his team have rethought the presentation,
their wish being a real symbiosis between container and content!
This has resulted in dynamic, modern and natural labels, in perfect keeping with the spirit of this vineyard.
Hacienda Araucano has a new and more refined logo which has a very particular meaning: the round moon has replaced the
The reason behind this change is the very natural reference to our biodynamic practices which are the basis of the Hacienda’s philosophy.
The font has also been changed, with handwritten letters that are reminiscent of the work in the vines.
The expression of the terroirs and authenticity of the grape varieties produce great quality wines.
This is what the «Natural Style» of Hacienda Araucano is all about…

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