Quinta da Lixa Soc. Agricola, Lda.

Monverde - Wine Experience Hotel

Quinta da Lixa is the living testimony to the passion that the Meireles Family always had for Vinho Verde.
Present in several areas of the business world, this family, that already owned vineyards located around the small village of Lixa, decides in 1986 to create a small business that would become what is now the Quinta da Lixa - Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. The produced wine was initially sold in bulk but the Company was quick to realize that the quality and acceptance were such that estate bottling was imperative. Due to increased production, the construction of new installations to replace the primitive cellar was necessary because it was no longer possible to maintain the level of quality that characterized the Company's wines.
The results are presented in the form of more than 100 medals in the last 10 years, 16 in 2014 highlighting two gold medals at the World Competition in Brussels and 5 gold medals in the competition of Best Vinho Verde - CVRVV, and its export strength that is represented by 52% of total production sent for 31 countries, referring to a total income higher than 5 million euros per year.
In the last five years investments were made, more than 6 million in new properties to increase the Winery production capacity, a new bottling line with filling capacity of 6000 bottles / hour and a Rural Hotel - Monverde ****.
A 4-star superior Hotel built on a Company owned estate of 30 hectares, 22 of which are vineyards. A Hotel that will give its customers the possibility of being a winemaker and create their own wine, bottle it and take it home, Monverde - Wine Experience Hotel. It is in the middle of vineyards, vineyards that can be harvested by its customers at harvest season, and they may participate in the entire process of producing wine. The Monverde consists of three bodies of structures, a central building that focus all activities and facilities in terms of spa, swimming pools, restaurant, wine bar, experimental winery, food / regional crafts store and conference rooms. The east body includes fourteen rooms. The west body embodies fifteen rooms, all equipped with massage tubs, and one apartment with kitchenette. Initially, the Hotel will employ 25 collaborators with higher education from the best hotel management schools in Portugal’s north area.
Crave quality, growth and development without losing the cultural traditions that brought us to where we actually stand.


Óscar Meireles

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