Minna & Jean-Paul LUC : unconventionnal wine growers

VILLA MINNA VINEYARD produces very natural wines, as Jean-Paul Luc, the wine maker, likes to say. This ORGANIC philosophy was always a part of our way of working.

" The Biological " as we call us give up pesticides, weed-killers and synthetic products such as sulfur and copper in order to protect the vine and all the elements present in the nature.

Wine making is carried out with natural yeasts contained in the skins of the grape contrary to oenological yeasts. It seems to us inseparable of the production of “Terroir wines”.

We do not go against nature, so we leave the malolactic fermentation occur in a natural way, in particular for our white wine, leading to very low sulfites rates.

Meet the wine grower, Jean-Paul LUC, and discover the MINNA VINEYARD’s wines in a VERTICAL TASTING
Stand n° J09 HALL 11
Contact: 06 13 60 87 17

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