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Mezcales La Medida

Mezcal Artisanal and Organic

La Medida mezcals are proud to announce that we are ready to participate in your events and be a part of your story through the flavor and aroma that only our mezcals can offer. The artisanal work that masters Celso, Valentín and Pánfilo imprint in their masterpieces, that is, their mezcals, makes our distilled spirit unique, full of harmony, patience and passion that can be perceived in every drop that touches your lips. When you hold a drink of Mezcales La Medida in your hands, you can be certain that the entire transformation process was performed according to the Ten Commandments that rule La Medida:

1. La Medida mezcals are made by indigenous-farmer hands, in palisades or “palenques”, with 450 years of tradition and culture, always seeking fair trade with priority given to the creators of this distilled spirit.

2. La Medida mezcals are Palisade or “Palenque” Artisanal (Vinata), produced with different types of wild or cultivated magueys in an extraordinary microclimate, which offers a unique scent, aroma and flavor.

3. Our mezcals maintain their balance and complexity according to the height at which they are produced, the type of land, the water used and, most importantly, the care provided by the distiller or “palenquero” from the remote mountains, plains or valleys in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

4. The main ingredient in the production of our mezcals are the different maguey pinecones, cooked in an earth furnace using quality water during fermentation. Each maguey has its own essence and spirit that our artisan masters transform with respect and tradition.

5. The maguey used is harvested after 7 to 10 years maturation or more. The pinecones are cooked on hot stones, in an earth hole, covered with maguey fibers, banana leaves or bedrolls (“petates”) and then covered up with soil for 3 or more days.

6. Fermentation is done with its own yeast from maguey bagasse according to the time of the year due to temperature and for a period of 6 days or perhaps more, but that is for nature to decide and the experience of the mezcal master. By doing this we guarantee a product that is 100% organic, natural and artisanal.

7. To obtain the final product, it is distilled twice, in a copper pot bare fire still, tending to its temperature and looking after the flow of liquid at the end of the coil.

8. During the production process of La Medida mezcals, very strict controls are carried out to avoid contamination issues. A Premium mezcal that is balanced in scent, aroma and flavor allows us to assure we are among the best.

9. La Medida mezcals are 100% maguey, white, from different places and a clearly defined alcoholic strength of 45% alc/vol preferably, this is how we guarantee a balance between the elements that make up our mezcals.

10. The productions of La Medida mezcals are unique, identified by batches, avoiding mixing them together to respect the scents, aromas and flavors that define each one resulting from the artisanal-traditional method, and to prevent harming its quality.

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