Melogranello debuts at Prowein 2016

March 1, 2016

Thanks to the success met in the distribution phase, Quadigex will attend Prowein 2016 (13 and 14 March in Dusseldorf) to present Melogranello® to professional international figures of the industry.

Flavio Pezzoli, creator of Melogranello® and founder of Quadigex, has declared: “After the awards received as Taste Explorers GourmArte 2014 and 2015, and Creative Direction - Italy communicating for the first time, awarded in 2014 by Unicom Italia, for our packaging and Decanter bottle, we have been motivated by our consumers to continue our challenge in the liqueur world."

Melogranello® has been appreciated by men and women of all ages, as demonstrated by the recent editions of GourmArte and of L'Artigiano in Fiera (Artisan's Fair), but mostly by the encouragement received by taste experts, who have pushed Quadigex to speed up the proposal of the liqueur on international markets, mostly because, by popular opinion, the taste of Melogranello® is not comparable to other liqueurs.

The origin of Melogranello® is certainly unique. The idea was born in 2012, thanks to a potted pomegranate plant kept on a terrace in Milan, the fruits of which were used to make a liqueur to give to friends and family during the Christmas dinner. A brief market research showed that few liqueurs in the world are produced from this rich fruit, and Mr. Pezzoli, using various search engines, discovered that the word “melogranello” did not exist! Understanding the huge potential of the product, his challenge began, starting a large scale production of the liqueur. Today, Melogranello® is produced using the original recipe by Mr. Pezzoli, at the Distillerie Peroni Maddalena in Gussago (BS), and it is distributed by Quadigex, which owns the trademark, registered at an international level.

Melogranello® is best served cold, even iced, is ideal at the end of a meal, and becomes delicious when added to lemon sorbet. It is quite particular when served in small chocolate glasses, or served on fruit salads and ice cream cups. But above all, it is considered delicious when blended with dry sparkling wine (it has been compared by experts to the Kir Royal). It is a great liqueur for creating new desserts. Several barmen consider it very versatile for the creation of new cocktails and long drinks with a unique taste, and it is revolutionary when blended, respectfully, with some beers.

Mr. Pezzoli declares: “It's exactly because we have found a versatile liqueur with such a peculiar taste - not comparable to other liqueurs - that we want to propose it to the international public. We will be in the Prowein 2016 pavilion dedicated to liqueurs, together with many renown companies, looking for distributors who believe in our product, to propose it on their markets".

A brief press conference is reserved for journalists on Sunday 13 March at 5.00 pm (Melogranello® stand/Quadigex Hall 12 C76), to present, but most of all to let them taste (!), Melogranello®.

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