Bacalhoa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A.

Loridos Vintage Bruto - 90points

The magazine "Escanção", from Associação de Escanções de Portugal, distinguished several sparkling wines and aguardentes from Bacalhôa and Aliança Wines of Portugal.

The Sparkling Wine Loridos Vintage Extra-Bruto 2011 received the highest score attributed by the tasting panel, 90 points.
From Bacalhôa Wines of Portugal, the Sparkling Wine Loridos Vintage Extra-Bruto 201, from Quinta dos Loridos (Bombarral), denotes a crystalline aspect with fine bubble and citrus colour. Its aroma is clean and floral. With soft taste, fresh and with good presence of Co2. Its finish is long. This Blanc de Noir consists of 75% white wine of the red grape variety, Castelão and 25% white wine (Blanc de Blanc) with the white grape variety Arinto.
The Sparkling Wine Loridos Bruto Rosé 2011 received 79 points. With crystalline aspect, the bubble is persistent and reveals a citrus colour. With an inexpressive aroma, this Sparkling Wine has a soft, cool and dry flavour. The finish is appealing.

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