Distillerie des Moisans S.A.S

L.V.O. LA VIE EN OR: a class of its own.

DEAU has used only the very finest, matured Grande Champagne eaux de vie for this remarkable blend, bottled at 42% vol.

These exceptional eaux de vie have been aged for decades in old limestone quarries.

The striking smooth, fine bouquet of vanilla, prune, cinammon, dried fruits, acacia honey and citrus fruits unfolds langourously into a generous array of full-bodied, complex flavours with an incomparable finish.

The blend displays brilliant amber to dark amber shades.

L.V.O. La Vie en Or represents the ultimate alliance: a sumptuous cognac blend in a resolutely modern, tailor-designed decanter over-laid with pure 24-Carat gold by hand by ArthusBertrand, one of Paris’ finest jewelers.


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