Kir Yianni S.A.

Kir-Yianni Wine Bar: a new destination for Greek wine

KIR-YIANNI wine bar at Athens International Airport

On October 30, 2014, the Athens International Airport welcomed KIR-YIANNI Wine Bar, a place featuring the wines of KIR-YIANNI, one of the leading winemakers of Greece. Along with selected dishes and with the aim of adding more Greek wineries to its list in the future, Kir-Yianni Wine Bar will be offering a taste of the Greek wine scene to travelers from all over the world.

Based on a tradition of 5 generations of winemakers, and thanks to proper care in the vineyard, microvinification and meticulous blending Kir-Yianni wines are endowed with character, aging potential, and typicity, showcasing the unique wealth of the Greek vineyard and of its indigenous grape varieties, such as the noble red Xinomavro.

Discover Kir-Yianni and let the experience of Greek wines travel with you around the globe.

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