Jeanjean strengthens its parnerships and confirms its expertise in the terroirs of the Languedoc


the youngest partner reveals its new range of wines
This year, the recent agreement between Jeanjean and the winery of Castelbarry, in the village of Montpeyroux, took another dimension with the release of a range of wines for french retailers and export markets; (up to now, the agreement was only dealing with local distribution. ) enlève
The AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux has a total potential surface of 500 ha, out of which only 300 ha claim the Montpeyroux AOP; 2 villages are in the production area. Yearly production is 11500 hl. The appellation lies just next to the fabulous site of St Guilhem le desert, a small area in the heart of Terrasses du Larzac AOP.

New releases at PROWEIN

• Castelbarry, AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux, SRP: 4 eur
• Castelbarry Les Murets, AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux, SRP: 5,9 Eur
• Castelbarry Les Remparts, AOP Languedoc Montpeyroux, SRP: 8,9 Eur

Ormarine and the white wines from South of France: a winning duet

Since 1993, the winery of Ormarine, in the village of Pinet, and Jeanjean, have been partners. Until recently, the famous AOP wines of Picpoul de Pinet were at the heart of the deal, an appellation which has enjoyed one of the biggest commercial success for a Languedoc appellation. 3 wines are currently being sold: l’Ormarine, l’Excellence de l’Ormarine (a wine aged on lees) and l’Effet Mer (a single vineyard wine aged on lees).
The alliance with l’Ormarine now covers the IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) of Côtes de Thau, an appellation that stands next to the area of Picpoul de Pinet and also enjoys, as most of the white wines from South of France, a rise in its consumption. Reasons behind are simple: a new origin, a fresh and aromatic wine, a wine from a fabulous region with history behind it.

New releases at PROWEIN

• Le Jardin de la Mer, IGP Côte de Thau. RSP 3,5 Eur

Corconne: the Pic St Loup at its best

The « la gravette » winery, in the village of Corconne, has been a partner of Jeanjean since 2010. This partnership covers one of the most famous appellations of the region, the Pic Saint Loup, with vineyards planted on a unique soil made of gravettes (small limestone rocks).
The renewal of the agreement last month now opens the way to the export markets and French retailers, with a new identity, associating strongly the appellation with the name of the winery.

New releases at PROWEIN

• Pic-Saint-Loup by Gravette, SRP 5,90 Eur

Partnerships with Jeanjean: men and vineyards

The first partnership between Jeanjean and a winery is already 30 years old, when it started with Castelmaure in the Corbières. Now, there are 6 partnerships that have released some of the most famous brands in the region: Castelmaure, Les Embruns (Organic rosé from the Sables de Camargue), Ormarine, etc…
Our conception of these partnerships, and this is certainly what makes them last, is that both Jeanjean and the winery have the same will to value the appellation, the wines, the people. Technical and commercial exchanges are key.

Fabuleux Sites : the exploration never ends

Exploring new territories is part of Jeanjean’s DNA. To give the consumers the opportunity to better understand the richness of our region has always been the driving force behind our search for new vintners or wineries.
We are now releasing our first wine from the « Fabuleux Sites » series, an IGP St St Guilhem le désert. A small appellation totalling 10 000 hl capacity, situated between famous names of Terrasses du Larzac and Montpeyroux.
New releases at Vinisud

• Fabuleux Sites IGP St Guilhem le désert, SRP 3,5 Eur


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