Haussmann Famille secures upstream of its brand Haussmann

Nathalie Haussmann, General Director of the family company HAUSSMANN FAMILLE has signed in February 2016 a participation of 33,34% in the SCEA Cardarelli, a wine estate of 424 hectares in Gironde, and secures upstream of her brand HAUSSMANN.

Nowadays, the upstream control is a major problem for all the actors of the wine sector. While the headline news talk about the federation of cooperative wineries, the question of upstream is more than never in the heart of debate. This issue, Haussmann Famille has understood it and integrates it as a central pillar of its global strategy, by taking a stake in the capital of one of the biggest wine estate of Bordeaux area: SCEA Cardarelli.

Haussmann: a strong alternative!

Haussmann is a brand that makes its difference and presents itself as an alternative for all its customers in their choice of target markets. Its originality? Its legitimity of a name from the French heritage and its brand postioning "owner grower" and "estate bottled" classifies the Haussmann brand as a unique product.

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