Fattoria II Muro della Famiglia Pancaro s.s. soc. agr.

Fattoria Il Muro

Our belief is that the main ingredients to obtain high quality production are the environmental conditions, our love for our land and for what we do and produce and the harmony trough the workers knowing that everyone of us play in his role a fundamental part to get high quality production. Therefore we know that we have to be thankful to Mother Nature, which offers us perfect environmental conditions made of natural fertile soil and temperate climate and to our ancestors, who left us our beautiful land and handed down the love for nature and for cropping. Therefore is our duty not to spoil this paradise full of wild territory with foxes, hares, wild boars and roe dears, where our ancestors have always worked to maintain and improve it and have given food and welfare to maintain families.

Our belief is also based on the fact that all the people who works with us has to play as a player of just one team, everyone has to respect his colleague and work with passion and love for what he is doing that is why it s so important for us to say thanks to everyone who helped us or who is helping us carrying on our mission.Our team is young, willing and feel enthusiastic of its job.

Stefano di Balsi is our doctor agronomist and oenologist. He graduated in agriculture sciences from Florence University in 1995, and still collaborates with the University with many publications in the field of agronomy and wine making. From 1997 to 2008 he worked with the Marchesi Antinori. From 2007 to 2011 he was the scientific coordinator of the important research project “Consorzio Tuscania” He is the consultant of a lot of wine farms not only in Tuscany but all over the world. His scientific and technical knowledge and abilities are outstanding and he is supported by rare human qualities. We can’t forget as since 2011 he has always helped us even during hard times and therefore we say thanks to him since we can always trust in him. He is in love with nature and still gets touched walking trough beautiful landscape or among vineyards or in front of a good glass of wine. It’s lovable talking to him, we agree with him and with his idea of agriculture. In fact, we strongly believe that agriculture is not a minor business and not even a business like others, as nowadays the majority of people think, but the pivot of life because it brings food on our table and allow us to preserve our unique habitat and landscape that is why agriculture should become again the hub of the economy.

Daniele Orazzini, our cellar man, started to work with us on on August 2013 but he has already become one of the family. His curriculum is remarkable. He worked with many, important and well known cellars, but he has fallen in love with our land, our belief, our enthusiasm and affection towards our work.

Now we are a team Federico, Stefano, Daniele who shares the same beliefs, three young people with the same target and dreams sure that if we love our land and our job Mother Nature will give us high quality products.

We want to mention our farm labours too, they are an important part of the mentioned team.

A special thanks to Lorenzo Banchini and Francesco Scafuro other two young guys involved in the management of the farm mainly for graphics and communication.

Gratitude and affection for Ferdinando Moretti, Primo Gallorini and Francesco Crocini, three old people, who have always lived here and know every stone, every bush, who daily assist us with their advice, wisdom and experience.

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