Enoteca di Cormons

DRIUS at Halle 15 A 41


The Cormons countryside has seen generation of wine growing by the DRIUS family winery, which is now run by Mauro and his family. Based on a tradition working in harmony with the soil and the rhythms of nature, the Drius winery produces wine which have the typical characteristics of the wine-producing area. The grape come exclusively from Drius vineyard which are spread over approximately 15 hectares from the slopes of Quarin hill in the Collio area as far as the Isonzo river plain at the foot of the Collio area. The Collio marl soils and the gravely soils of Isonzo plain are sheltered from the northerly wind by the Alps and enjoy the beneficial climate effects of the sea, creating ideal condition for grape culture.
The vines are grown with loving care to yield grapes of excellent quality, essential for producing typical wines of the area. In order to protect the organically-grown vineyards from certain parasites, Drius uses environmentally-friendly products. The grapes are rigorously harvested by hand.

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