Viña Ruda, S.L.

Creativity and Originality of Viña Ruda successful in the Berliner Wein Trophy

Berliner Wein Trophy

In the last edition of the Berliner Wine Trophy, the competition that sets the trends and changes in the wine world, two wines from Viña Ruda obtained silver medal. A jury of top international tasters, journalists and food writers give Ruda Ruda Infusion Casual and this important recognition.

Ruda Casual, wine made from Airen variety, known for its pale, clean and bright yellow. The nose has a very elegant and intense aroma of white and tropical fruit. Fresh, silky and long on the palate.

Ruda infusion, infusion first wine world, shows an intense bright cherry red, with a high aromatic intensity and presence of red fruits. Its passage in the mouth is nice and warm.

All these terms come although this young winery, located in the town of Ciudad Real Tomelloso, begun in 2006 and has been operating only a couple of vintage campaigns. However, this time it has become a world reference in wines called "infusion", a technique intended to get a better performance for skins and multiple aromatic advantages obtained with this method.

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