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Jim Barry Wines named 2020 Halliday Wine Companion 'Winery of the Year'

James Halliday and his tasting panel pinpoint the best Australian wines, winemakers and wineries from across the nation. This year an impressive 800 hours were spent tasting the huge list of 8,775 wines for the 2020 Edition of the guide.

We are delighted to announce that on the 7th of August at the James Halliday Wine Companion awards, we took home one of Australia’s most esteemed accolades, being named the 2020 Halliday Wine Companion Winery of the Year.

This recognition coinciding with our 60th Birthday has been a monumental achievement for us as a family and as a business. From one vineyard in 1959 to ten in 2019, we’ve come a long way and are proud of what our family has been able to achieve over our 60 years of winemaking. Our Clare Valley vineyards now include some of oldest vines in the region, with a range of highly rated red and white wines.

Being named Halliday’s Winery of the Year 2020 is a huge deal in itself and an award that we are beyond excited to receive. We are also thrilled to have had a total of 23 of our wines included in the James Halliday Wine Companion Guide as listed below. 

With 60 years of successful winemaking under our belts and three generations of Barry’s growing the business, we’re more motivated and excited than ever to ensure we deliver another 60 years (plus more) of award winning Clare Valley wines.

2016 The Armagh Shiraz – 96 Points

The Barry team extracts the maximum from the vineyard with a deft (14.2% alcohol) touch. It's savoury, earthy, its tannins are four square and ready, charred meat in another channel. It's utterly original, whether or not the family thought they could match Grange. To know the wine you don't have to love it, but you do have to respect it.

2016 The McRae Wood Shiraz – 96 Points

This is no pushover in the company of The Armagh, and it's a whole lot easier to enjoy, even though the day for each is long off. Here the fruits are rounder, the tannins following suit - even touches of red/purple fruits here. Once again, a wine to be respected. And enjoyed.

2018 The Florita Riesling – 96 Points 

The vineyard was planted by Leo Buring in '62, purchased from Southcorp in a Bond Moment by the Barry family in '86. It always produces grapes with an ethereal ability to transform the very good into a category of its own, glistening like pure silver reflecting the rays of the morning sun.

2018 Lodge Hill Riesling – 96 Points

A wine that has ineffable precision to its make-up. It is impossible for it to do anything other than build on the supreme delicacy, balance and length it already has. Why impossible? It's the differing acidity that will never change. Trophy Clare Valley Wine Show '18.

2018 Watervale Riesling – 96 Points

Has to be close to the best value wine in Australia in Feb '19. It has accumulated gold medals at the Sydney Wine Show, a trophy at the Clare Valley Wine Show, and a curious two gold medals and a trophy at the Qantas Food and Wine Awards 18. Why? Lime juice is frequently the ace in the hole for Rieslings in Australia and Germany, but here it's an entrancing display of Meyer lemon and unfolding Granny Smith apple. Oh my.

2017 The Forger Shiraz – 96 Points

2014 Spring Farm Block 114 Riesling – 96 Points

2013 Cellar Release The Florita Riesling – 96 Points

2017 Single Vineyard Eastern Ranges Cabernet – 95 Points

2017 St Clare Dry Red Cabernet Malbec – 95 Points

2016 First Eleven Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon – 95 Points

2018 Spring Farm Block 18 Riesling – 95 Points

2018 Single Vineyard McKay's Riesling – 94 Points

2018 Assyrtiko – 94 Points

2015 The Benbournie Cabernet Sauvignon – 94 Points

2017 Single Vineyard Watervale Shiraz – 93 Points

2017 Single Vineyard Eastern Ranges Cabernet Malbec – 92 Points

2016 Pb Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz – 90 Points

2016 Lodge Hill Shiraz – 89 Points

2016 The Barry Bros Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon – 89 Points

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