Wines of Canada

Canada at ProWein, Düsseldorf (March 17 - 19, 2019)

6.2% Growth of the Canadian Participation

With ProWein having attracted Canadians for many years, this year 29 Canadian wineries and producers, took a total of about 1,800 square feet of net exhibition space (+6.2%). Canada was represented with two exhibitors at “Same but Different” in hall 7.0 as well as with the Wines of Canada Pavilion with 26 wineries in the New World hall 9 and two individual exhibitors from Quebec in the spirits section.

With one out of three exhibitors being new to the show, Canadians increasingly acknowledged and took advantage of ProWein’s status as the global marketing platform for the wine industry.

Wines of Canada Pavilion  

Canada took its center spot in hall 9 for the fifth time, highlighting 26 wineries (25 in 2018) from Ontario (14), British Columbia (9) and Nova Scotia (3). The three provincial wine marketing associations in close co-operation with the Canadian Vintners Association and Messe Duesseldorf (Canada) co-organized the Wines of Canada Pavilion, which has enjoyed increasing visitor recognition since its beginnings in 2014.

Record attendance figures: 61.500 visitors from 142 countries

A total of 61,500 industry visitors (2018: 60,500) from the retail and restaurant/catering businesses made the pilgrimage to Düsseldorf. As such, ProWein 2019 once again achieved attendance growth. The share of visitors with decision-making authority also reached a strong new high: more than 80 percent of visitors were involved in purchasing decisions. The visitors traveled from 142 countries (2018: 133 countries).  

Over 6,900 exhibitors of wines and spirits were registered for this year's ProWein. They represented 64 different nations, with the exhibition space clearly structured between ten different exhibition halls based on winegrowing country and region. No other event offers a comparable scale and scope. The largest exhibitor nations at ProWein 2019 were Italy (1,654) and France (1,576), followed by Germany (978), Overseas (600), Austria (335), Spain (661) and Portugal (387). There were also an additional 400 providers of spirits.

One of the key success factors of the show is the diligent process of checking the “wine business credentials” of first-time visitors, making it possibly the only B2B wine show in the world doing so. 

No other wine trade show in the world compares in terms of size, scope of exhibits, international exposure and in its role as a global marketing platform to ProWein.  The industry continues to put its money on ProWein as it features the right balance of quality and quantity in terms of supply and demand.
The ProWein 2020 dates have been set for March 15 - 17, 2020.

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