Consorzio Volontario Per La Tutela Dei Vini Colli Euganei

Colli Euganei... a well kept secret to discover at ProWein

Colli Euganei

There is the Italy everybody knows… and there is another one, the secret one. It’s the Italy of the small and silent places, were to make wine is not a way to be famous and fashionable. In this other part to make wine is to continue the work of your father and your grandfather, out of the international guide and specialized magazine.
Here you meet the families that really work everyday in the vine, in the cellar, at the computer.. Sometimes the same person do quite everything by himself.
It’s a different wordl to discover and Colli Euganei it’s one of this special place. We are very near to Venice, in the clear day from the top of Monte Gemola, we can show you the clock tower of Saint Mark square.
A small archipelago of hills that stands proud in the eastern part of Po Valley. Looking at them you can argue the volcanic origin. From outside they seem to be in order and simple to visit, but when you enter them, it’s easy to lose yourself. And sometimes losing ourselves is the best way to find something new.
Going around randomly the vines accompanied you through the journey, they draw the landscape, somewhere in gentle slopes, elsewhere in steep ones. It’s time to visit a producer, to ask him which wine he recommend you. He gives you a warm welcome at his winery, and more it is small the cellar, more it is warm and sincere the welcome. There, is up to you find out your favorite wine. They have a lot of tipes, because many grapes arrived here during the history and nobody of the farmers had the courage to abandon one of the cultivations. It could give more economics gratification to make only a few tipes of wine and it’s easier, but they can’t. They are firmly connected with the traditions of their families and they decided to continue to produce everything. So you have to try to discover, it’s an hard work?.... (As we know, someone has to do it!)
More time you have to pass here and more you can learn, maybe you could discover every winery has his specialization. It could be a full-body red cuvee, or an aromatic yellow muscat that here is called Fior d’Arancio. Maybe you can fall in love with a Pinot Bianco that captures you with his freshness and intriguing personality.
For sure you return home with the sensation of the discovery of a new piece of the Italian treasures.
It’ll be a pleasure to invite you at the stand of Colli Euganei at Pro Wein, Hall 15 / C37.
As in the typical Italian style we match the wine with some special food, this year we propose you a selection of our wine with a tasting of cheese aged in grape pomace.

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