Champagne Gardet

Champagne Gardet : … a champenoise tale, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims …

Champagne Gardet is a medium sized and familyowned

company that was created in 1895, when

Charles Gardet founded his establishment in Epernay.

In the 1930s, Georges Gardet, son of the founder,

moved to Chigny-les-Roses, a premier Cru-ranked

village in the heart of the "Montagne de Reims", with a

very precise aim: to develop the Champagne Gardet

brand, whilst continuing to supply wines of

unimpeachable quality.

To do so, he based his method on the secular

champagne making rules: a high-quality grapes supply

and a wine making process fully oriented toward


This purpose and the respect of tradition are still at the heart of the current owners’ preoccupations:

the PRIEUX family. Deeply attached to their roots, the Champagne region, the family has been working in

the arboricultural and agricultural sectors for years; passing on their love for their land from generation

to generation. These values have shaped the family spirit which is now perpetuated by Christophe

PRIEUX, President of Maison Gardet, and Olivier LEGENDRE, Managing Director.

Champagne Gardet is the 20th House of Champagne (in volume), with an annual production of approx. 1

million bottles. About 50% of it is exported, mainly to Europe (Great Britain, Belgium, Germany ...), and

to Japan, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada...

There are 9 different champagnes in the complete range, produced in the most traditional way, using

only "cuvée" (first juice from the pressing). The greatest care is taken to produce high quality products

by leaving the champagnes on the lies in the vaulted cellars for the longest possible (way over the legal

requirement) and by being one of the few Houses still using oak barrels to age part of the reserve wines.

Champagne Gardet has been supplying several famous airlines in the past:

- British Airways 2000-2001

- Virgin Atlantic Airways

- Crossair 1996-2002

- Qatar Airways

- Japan Airlines 2014-2015

- Virgin Atlantic 1997-2002 - 2015 – 2016

- Delta Airlines 2006-2015-2016

- TransAsia 2016

Among the prestigious customers are:

- the House of Commons in London (selected to supply their own label champagne)

- the MCC Marylebone Cricket Club in London (selected to supply their own label champagne)

- the Paris City Hall (official champagne for all the gala dinners and official events)

- the Alain Ducasse Restaurants in New-York

- the Balthazar in New-York

- Takazawa in Tokyo

Talking about awards,

- the Brut Tradition got a Gold Medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards, 90 pts Wine Spectator, 16/20 JANCIS ROBINSON

- the Brut Premier Cru was given 90 and 91 points by the Wine Spectator

- the Brut Selected Reserve was given 92 points by the Wine Spectator

- the Prestige Charles 2004 : 17/20 JANCIS ROBINSON

Maintaining the quality and character of its champagnes year after year,

whilst taking advantage of the latest technological innovations in order to master

even more finely every parameter of “méthode champenoise” winemaking...

The essence of Maison Gardet’s expertise lies in this priceless balance

between tradition and modernity – a balance that defines the Gardet style.

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