Champagne Drappier

Champagne Drappier to achieve a zero Carbon footprint

As of January 2016, Champagne Drappier is the first Champagne House in the World to have reduced their carbonn emissions to a net zero carbon footprint. 

For the past ten years, Drappier has been dedicated to sourcing sustainable energies. To date, 45% of the electricity used by the House is produced by solar panels and, by 2017, that number will increase to 75%. Plans to aggressively reduce fuel consumption to a minimum over the next 5 years have begun. Cellars avoid air conditioning by utilizing a free cooling system, while isolated air conditioning is strategically used throughout the property.

Champagne Drappier has also started to reduce its carbon footprint by contracting a wind turbine company in India to continue Michel Drappier's vision for his Champagne house.

“Investing in a sustainable project in India is our way of expressing gratitude to this small, but dynamic, market for Champagne” says Michel Drappier, winemaker and CEO of Champagne Drappier. Following the organic accreditation of a large proportion of its vineyards in 2014, Champagne Drappier carbon neutrality confirms their commitment to embrace environmentally friendly practices.


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