CHATEAUX EN BORDEAUX: innovative concepts

READY TO DRINK WINES : a strong demand from customers.

In order to develop all its character, a wine must take the time to develop and form a personnality. It is only after a precious ageing that it will reveal its finess and nobility.
Our concept of "Ready to drink wines" responds to a real demand from customers. With changing consumption habits, the current customer does not buy wine to age it, but to drink it right after the act of purchase. Yet, it is a rare thing to find wines ready for instantly consumption in supermarkets. That is the "ready to drink wines" concept : 
- propose wines from Bordeaux
- From Château, owner growers
- vintages prior 5 years
Specially selected at their maturity buy our Quality Director, those wines are marketed at the time of their best potential. With 1.5 million bottles sold in 2015, this concept is full a surprises.

LA VIE DE CHATEAU: new identity
Bag In Box 3 Liters - Owner Growers

We have modernised our range of Bag In Box "La Vie de Château". Its modern and dynamic design, its high range technical features, reveal all the character of Bordeaux wines and their legitimity.

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